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No Amnesty for Nadler

Re: Richard Nadler’s Closed Door Politics:

The smartest policy for Republicans would be to eliminate incentives to using illegal immigrants rather than enforcement. Incentives lie in the cash economy vs. legitimate business hires, which entails mostly Social Security/FICA/FUTA and government mandates. These are taxes on labor that make us less competitive. These taxes also tax labor for retirement benefits before the laborer can even make ends meet today.

Changing these taxes to some kind of national sales tax/internet tax/tax on undertaxed parts of the economy (legal and other services) would make more sense. Just like taxing unhealthy foods to pay for healthcare, under the guise of you get less of what you tax, makes more sense.

The economy has changed. Change the structure around the economy.
Raymond Gore

Mr. Nadler may be the President of a Midwestern think tank. He is also a blithering idiot.

If the Republican party wants to ensure its minority status for eternity, all they have to do is take the John McCain stance on comprehensive immigration reform — amnesty. That will assure that conservatives like me will avoid them like head lice. That is the primary reason that conservatives had to hold their noses in order to vote for the jack-ass in the last election.

The solution to the illegal immigration problem is simple. First, build the fence and enforce our existing immigration laws — strongly. Second, jail and massively fine any employer who knowingly hires an undocumented worker. Voila! No deportations needed!
Keith K. 

Mr. Nadler makes the argument that we cannot push an enforcement-only agenda because that turns off Hispanic voters. I guess what Mr. Nadler wants us to do is exactly what we did in the mid-1980s — i.e., look the other way and grant them all amnesty. So, how did that work out?

I have another argument, which the open-border/amnesty crowd like you, Mr. Nadler, has conveniently ignored. The point that has to be made to the Hispanic community is the same open borders policy that allowed your cousin Jose or your sister Maria sneak into the U.S. is the same policy that lets MS13 in to prey on your neighborhoods, to enlist your sons into their gangs and to foster violence and crime. For the sake of your neighborhoods the bad guys have got to be kept out of the country — and the way that is done is through enforcement, not amnesty. Amnesty allows your relatives to stay here; it also allows MS13 to stay here.
Garry Greenwood
Gearhart, Oregon

You are a fool, Nadler. Immigration was not an issue in last election. It was the economy! But keep beating the drum for liberal immigration policy and then the Republicans can continue to flounder as a minority party.
James C. Fisher

What part of “illegal” is hard for you to understand?  Shouldn’t you be writing for WSJ?
Robert Randall

Our nation is defined by its laws and its borders. Do away with these, and the nation ceases to exist. I’m not willing to surrender the sovereignty of the United States to get votes. As a sovereign nation, don’t we have the right to say who can and can’t enter our country?  

Then there is the economic factor. Through mass immigration, legal and illegal, we are importing poverty from the third world. There is no way that a poor peasant working for slave wages in this country can possibly pay enough in taxes to pay for his children’s education and his entire family’s health care and other social services. The Democrats are all too willing to provide freebies for them (at my expense), which is why poor Hispanic immigrants will always vote mainly for Democrats. If the companies that hire illegal aliens agree to pay all of their families’ living expenses, maybe we can talk.

If the Republican Party tries to get Hispanic votes by becoming Democrats, what’s the point in that? What’s been accomplished? The Democrats will have won anyway. The Republicans are better off stopping the onslaught before it’s too late.
Dave Harris
St. Louis, Missouri

There are plenty of non-white, intelligent Americans who do not support illegal immigration. Where is their voice? Get with the program and understand that this issue is bigger than the usual WASPS speaking as if they are the voice of America. Sorry, those days are over.
F. Centeno

Re: Philip Klein’s The Great Obamaflation:

It doesn’t take tea leaves to predict the future with the current path. Mr. Obama has launched the train down the tracks, and the only way out of the mess created last week is to destroy the last of the producers by taxing them into oblivion. Kill the producers to support the non-producers. How very noble. While that plan is not working, flavor the solution with this brilliant spice: print more money. How else to reconcile the statements to be delivered on Tuesday to cut the now impossibly out of control deficit in half?

To ruin a country, destroy the livelihoods of millions, destroy the retirement plans of millions more, all because they can only spend money they didn’t earn, could not possibly earn, and could not possibly manage responsibly? What insanity is that? And what compounding of this insanity is the MSM doing in selling this suicide?
Greg Mercurio
Vacaville, California 

This kind of article is timely and constructive although it misleads regarding inflation. Inflation is not a rise in prices as that is merely a symptom of inflation. Inflation is an expansion of the currency and/or money supply always accompanied by dangerous side effects. In the United States, money is based upon amortized GDP income streams or to be more blunt it is based upon taxes and debt. The asset is always the obligation of someone else and can never extinguish debt and thus must rise ad infinitum until the house of cards collapses.

This is why the banks are insolvent today. Nixon’s criminal act of failing to default on the dollar in 1971 when it was bankrupt put the day of reckoning out two generations but it has arrived with a vengeance. Obama’s tax and spend scam will ratchet the misery index upwards. You say that the stimulus package did not have a tax increase? I beg to differ. Every time the government goes to the credit markets to finance its activities it is imposing a stealth tax on the economy. It is sucking the life blood out of the producer sector to put it into dirigisme programs. They are usually of benefit to bureaucrats and politicians but no one else — you can’t trade a government program for Japanese cars. This is one reason why capital has fled America in a torrent. Any money coming in is used to buy cheap assets which have been degraded by regulatory, monetary, and tax policy. It is not to be confused with capital formation as the right wing quacks assert.

America has joined the ranks of third world countries and has yet to recognize its poverty. The present crisis is one of capital destruction — it is not primarily attributable to bad mortgages although the consequence of derivatives from that fiasco surely accelerated the financial implosion.

Sucking money out of the producer sector may or may not cause price increases depending upon whether the debt thus issued is monetized. So regardless of whether prices rise or fall we will always have inflation under the centrally planned economic system we have under the Federal Reserve and that inflation is always destructive. What I can guarantee is that with our current economic system we are headed toward economic oblivion. Capital has been destroyed on an unprecedented scale since 1971 and shows no signs of changing course because the politicians want continuously declining interest rates which we have suffered since 1980…unfortunately the consequent capital destruction has been masked by rising prices but we can sure see it in fleeing jobs.

The massive reallocations of capital which the Federal Reserve and congress oversee destroys markets and price signals. Under such circumstances economic activity must collapse. I don’t mean to be melodramatic but we are witnessing history. The great experiment in planned currency and economy is now swallowing America just as it did the USSR in the previous generation.
David Bonn

Here’s the part that has me so upset and internally confused. Am I mistaken or just stupid in believing that we Americans have been creating jobs by the thousands every day for many years?

(Except that we’re creating more of them in nearly every other country in the world than in our own.)

Am I mistaken in believing that “capital” is the money that is used to build and maintain a business — and, as a direct result, jobs — and that we have been building capital by the millions every day for many years?

(Except that we’re either shipping our capital overseas, or feeding the increase of their capital by buying their goods while killing off our ability to manufacture them ourselves — spending more of our capital in every other country in the world than in our own.)

Am I just stupid in believing that we have been the absolute all-time master practitioner of “protectionism” — that pestilential bugaboo of the rest of the world — for many years?

(Except that we’ve been doing a better job of protecting the economies and the people in every other country in the world than in our own. Because they keep convincing us that it’s bad for us to protect our own economy and citizens.)

How do I categorize myself for believing that there is no ingredient in any of the Obama pies-in-the-sky that helps to ease even one of these economic burdens that we bear?

(Except…well, except nothing.)

I guess I must be stupid, because I believe all of those.
A. C. Santor

I am not an economist nor am I enlightened like The One. Maybe he (or is He proper?), Bernanke or Geithner can help me understand, if that which goes up must come down, does that also mean what, the economy, has gone down have to stay down? 
Ira M. Kessel
Rochester, New York

Re: Doug Bandow’s Kosovo a Year Later:

When Bill Clinton launched his jingoistic adventures in the Balkans he assured the American people we would be there for a limited time. Nearly two decades later America is stuck in a Balkans quagmire where we are supporting Muslim thugs and human traffickers — not something that normally offends American liberals, but still not a pleasant picture. This a European affair and Europe should deal with it. In this new age of “enlightenment” isn’t it time to create a new foreign policy paradigm with Europe?

As the country looks for a way to pay for Obama’s “stimulus package” the first step should be divesting ourselves militarily from Europe — a process that could begin by ending our armed adventurism in the Balkans quickly followed by an end of our military occupation of Germany, Italy and Spain. We could finally declare “Mission Accomplished” for FDR’s invasion of Europe 60+ years after the fact. By withdrawing our troops from the Balkans and soon after all of Europe we would be demonstrating that we recognize Europe as a full partner on the world stage. If nothing else we’d be forcing them to pay for the defense they’re willing to pay for and provide.

It is time for a new and audacious approach to US and European relations that rejects the old and treats Europeans like adults and quits wasting US tax payer dollars on “military welfare” for prosperous Euro Trash.
Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Re: William Tucker’s Paved with Renewable Mandates:

Ah! Glorious days are upon us now. Dingy Harry wants wind farms so we can kill more raptors. The poor, dumb creatures get so intent on their voles, mice, and rabbits they fail to discern the whirling blades and are decapitated. President Obama wants carbon taxes.  Nobody wants to use any fuel that exists in abundance in the US, like coal, gas and nuclear. I think if the democrats are successful in their efforts to disrupt the power grid that will move them much farther along in their drive to control every aspect of American life.

Can’t you just see it? It’s 6:30 PM. (1830 hours to you military types) and all over the country stoves fail to heat, decomposing meats and the concomitant juices are dribbling from refrigerators. The olfactory sensation is stupendous! In history this epoch will be called “The Time of Great Stench.” Children are keening pitifully, their empty stomachs pressed against their spines, men seeking trees to feel for fuel to cook. Snares appear everywhere. Since refrigeration no longer is reliable the only food is birds and squirrels.  Guns have long been outlawed so only gang members have them. Pillage, rape, and plunder in suburbia is a daily occurrence. Most children born are the result of this, women are the most traded commodity. The nation is in a violent chaos.

Suddenly a new messiah appears on the American political scene. A bright-eyed woman of 65, Chelsea Clinton! Ms. Clinton asks the people to come out of their darkened houses, and light a torch — The Sierra Club dispatches assassins immediately — to symbolize the new light of her reign. She will issue computer chips to all registered Democrats. The chips will allow those implanted people to move to the newly established “refrigeration” zones where power is both reliable and abundant as is food — in exchange for all their freedoms. Jobs will be assigned, spouses will too to insure a eugenically pure America.  No person will be permitted to marry within their race — diverse marriage will be required. Health care will be provided without cost to those who qualify as Democrats.  Homes will be exactly alike but free. No color variation will be permitted. Children, not required to be aborted for governmental reasons, will be taught what they can and cannot say.

The rest and residue of the citizens will be sequestered in their now sadly crumbled housing. They will be permitted to work at growing crops for the few, the privileged, the Democrats. They will be paid from the sums garnered by the Democrat government from the sale of permits to hunt them in the non-growing seasons. That money will be used to ensure the gangs continue to prey on only these people for sustenance.  No education or health care will be provided for them.

Over time the carbon market will fade as it restrictive for the growth of “Democratia” and a new trade will arise. It will be called “The Market for the Full Utilization of all Resources Available.” Gangs of armed Democrats will venture outside of the refrigeration zones, now called Enlightenment Cities to capture people not implanted for to be sold as “utilitarian beings” for whatever use might be wished. Ms. Clinton, now called Empress Chelsea The First, smilingly describes this as the initial step in the elevation of people who chose to live as beasts into the bosom of the human family once again.
Jay Molyneaux
North Carolina

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s The Goldwater Lesson

No matter how conservatism and the Republican Party got to this juncture, suggesting they become more moderate equals madness.

Still, you wonder, though: How would the past few years, and particularly this past election cycle in Congress and the White House, have been for both groups if the advocacy/adversary media had not chosen to jettison their ethics and professionalism and become hyper-biased, malicious Fifth Column they are?

Remember: Regardless of Obama’s numbers, it was just a few percent, 6 or so, of the electorate that swung the election to him. It was neither the landslide nor the mandate he and his tribe think it is.

Just 3 or 4 percent swinging back will unseat him and his fellow liberals and leftists. That’s achievable, given the train wreck he and the Democrats have already engineered.

If I may, the time to surrender conservative values has never been more inappropriate than now. And indeed, forget the undertakers.

But, put away the kid gloves, though not civility and common sense, and become street fighters as the opposition was and is.
C. Kenna Amos
Princeton, West Virginia

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