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Band of Bumblers

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s Obama’s Carrousel of Incompetence:

This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. How about you move out of the country if you cannot support your president. It’s obvious you use child-like tactics to bring him down. I’m sorry, but having to criticize his golf game clearly shows your ignorance and desperate need to find anything to bring him down.
— Brandon Schaefer

Yes it’s true. This bunch running the country is full of bumblers, some of them freaks that bring to mind “The Rocky Horror Picture Show.” At the same time, however, they are attacking America’s ability to wage the war on terror. The recent attack on the CIA has been described as throwing a bone to Obama’s Lefty base. But it is more than that: it is one prong of an all out assault on our ability to fight a war. The attack on the CIA, lawyers interference in military issues, withdrawal from Iraq and probably soon Afghanistan, reduced military spending, balking at our security guarantees with allies, and negotiating with enemies getting nothing in return all point to a proposed isolation. The Islamic Fascists have been at war with the West for 1400 years and won’t stop now because Obama does not want to play.

On the domestic front, they are spending money at a rate that will bankrupt the country, destroying its credit and debasing the currency and printing new money which when monetized will produce a hyper-inflation, higher interest rates and turn us into a banana republic. Yet under our feet and in the sea lie trillions of dollars of oil gas and coal enough to supply not only our needs but export to the rest of the world for at least the next several decades. If we build 100 nuclear plants, the resources could last centuries. All this can be done while maintaining clean air and water standards and land conservation. It would have the additional effect of lowering energy prices, oil in particular, which would reduce the amount of money available for Islamists to conduct terrorism.

But this band of clowns want to subsidize alternative energy sources that can’t make it to market on their own dime and deprive us of energy sources that need not be subsidized and that are cheaper. They say they are protecting us from climate change. Humbug! They have found a new tax and new industry for insiders using government money.

As clowns, misfits, bumblers and fools they cut a wide swath. Unfortunately in the process they are ruining the country.
— Howard Lohmuller

In a perfect world the president would have some military experience, some executive experience, some business experience and some foreign policy experience.

Obama had no experience in any of those areas. None.

Any people on the left have the unmitigated gall to say GOVERNOR Palin was unqualified. Exactly what were Obama’s qualifications?

Like the saying goes, you reap what you sow. We hired a smooth talker who had no experience. Now we are paying big time….
— Garry
Gearhart, Oregon


It was only this past Winter and Spring
That no one but Rush dared say a thing,
But now the folks are carrying signs.
They know that our president has designs

On their security, their cars, their health and their money,
Their very existence, and they don’t think it’s funny.

Hope and change are so very yesterday.
A new kind of communism is on the way.
The transformation is coming apace.
But he shuns your objection and blames it on race.

None dare raise their voices and speak.
Yet the American people have never been weak.
The Reign of Terror will not be long.
Love of freedom makes us exceedingly strong.

We’re not afraid to show our pride.
The Constitution is still our guide.
Colors merge, backgrounds blur
When the souls of real patriots stir.

The winds are swirling. We’re on the way

To take back our country…beginning today.
— Mimi Evans Winship

Re: Andrew Cline’s Ted Kennedy’s Real Legacy:

Very surprised to find such an article on your website. Whitewashing reality is not generally what I expect when I read your articles. The inclusion of Mr. Cline’s article was not one of your better calls.
— Marie

Ted Kennedy has been met by all the aborted fetuses he helped to their doom. He has met Jesus who showed him which door to take. Ted Kennedy was a murderer of babies.
— Annette

Re: Brian O’Connell’s San Francisco Democrats:

It’s really a shame that the best this state can do is a re-run of Moonbeam and the demonstrably incompetent Newsom. Californians need only take a look at the For Lease signs on Market Street to see where this vacuous rock star would lead the state. Under Newsom’s stewardship, the minimum wage in San Francisco is some $1.49/hr HIGHER than the state minimum, 72 hours of sick time is guaranteed for even part time employees, and the list of business-destroying accomplishments grows weekly.

It’s also a sanctuary city where illegal aliens can murder citizens, get “free” medical care at residents’ expense, and then if the heat gets too high he will fly them to LA where they can hide for awhile. Oh we need him in the State House. Has anyone in or outside of this once great state figured out that cities and states with huge deficits are usually run by ultra-liberals who think nothing of jacking up taxes until everyone flees and the tax base disappears? Does anyone understand that term limits are OUR responsibility? Vote!
— Greg Mercurio
Vacaville, California

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s Honoring Teddy By Opposing Healthcare:

Mr. Lord’s principles of Christian forgiveness, charity and loving our enemies shine through in his thoughtful remembrance of Senator Kennedy. And it is through actions that principles are best demonstrated. Put aside a man’s words and evaluate his actions: that will render a fair portrait of the man. So what can we make of Mr. Lord’s statement regarding Kennedy and principles?

Mr. Lord writes, “As with us all, Ted Kennedy’s life will speak for itself…The legacy I most appreciated was the ever-present idealism, the commitment to his principles — and the lasting lesson that you should not just find your principles but fight for them as vigorously as he did for his.” What principles were those, Mr. Lord? Yes, he fought for the poor; this begot generations of welfare dependence. Kennedy fought for government run health care; the care to be provided by the programs was substandard to anything he knew his entire life. He fought civil rights for everyone; only the principle of this justice was based on reverse discrimination where color counted more than character. Until his dying day, Kennedy was an unrepentant statist.

Socrates wrote, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” If the good senator took time to reflect on his legacy, he might have seen the damage he was doing. He might have become a mighty voice for justice — true justice, not the false and shrill cry of the Left’s identity politics, revenge and retribution. If Senator Kennedy were to have come to the light (Right), his voice would have been like no other. But for many reasons, Kennedy never turned his back on liberalism, and his was not a liberalism his brother John would recognize, let alone support.

How Edward Kennedy (titles don’t transfer to heaven) is judged by his maker is not a call that can be made from this earthly kingdom. If he was repentant is his personal life is not the question here. Mr. Lord specifically wrote about Ted Kennedy’s political idealism and Senator Kennedy’s legacy does speaks for itself. The question remains if it is one that bears repeating.
— I.M. Kessel

Re: Joseph Lawler’s Failure Rewarded:

“Higgs presents a 1941 poll that found that 40 percent of businessman believed that the U.S. would become a fascist or at least semi-socialist economic system after the war…” Sixty-eight years later, Obama and DemocRATS are moving heaven and earth to create FDR’s neo-fascist state. Those who believe in the rule oligarchs like FDR are alive and well in the 21st century DemocRAT party.
— Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Re: Peter Ferrara’s America’s Record Recession:

Peter’s analysis is spot on. There is yet another factor that exists today which was not in play in any of the recessions since the 1930s. The ideal of a world economy is now a reality. Countries such as China, India, and many other former third world countries have now become major players in global trade.

These countries have begun to develop their own middle class and raise the overall standard of living for their populations. In order to compete and continue this growth they must attract business and investment capital to their shores while being agressive in their export activity. They can do so because of cheaper labor costs, lower taxes, fewer regulations and a benign legal environment.

American companies, and their domestic workforce, must compete and in order to do so are increasingly opening operations themselves or in joint ventures in these nations. Gone are the days when by our and European economic hegemony we were able to control world trade.

Those policies as outlined in this article will accelerate this process and further delay any true recovery and job growth. If we continue on the course Barack Obama has chosen, not only will job creation cease but unemployment will remain in the double digit range, inflation will rival that of the 1970s, and jobs lost to countries overseas will never return.
Steve McCann
Salisbury, Maryland

Since the non-government National Bureau of Economic Research declared the recession started in December of 2007 when there was a positive GDP growth, one would think that since Obama’s recession (with historic unemployment and wage loss) would continue even if there is a mild up-tick in the GDP in the third and fourth quarters of this year. Until consumers (70% of the economy) actually get into the action, claims of the recession being over are all hype and hyperbole. Of course, for the historically high millions and millions of Americans who now go to bed homeless and hungry thanks to Democrats, the recession has become a depression. One can only hope that a future Republican Congress and President can reverse the damage of Obama Democrats and take us back to the prosperous days of George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.
— Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Re: Matthew Vadum’s Obama’s Plan to Desecrate 9/11:

God forbid we try to move on from the tragedy of 9/11. Republicans and right-wingers just want to keep reminding people of the event because it was such a successful campaign for seven years for an administration that was a corrupt as it gets. Sickening.
— Kristine

I think I can speak for a lot of people in my town and it is not a Democrat day nor is it Republican day, we view it as a day of rememberence for over 3,000 people that were also Americans . The left or the right can call it what they desire, it is still a day that will long be and will remain with us for many years. No one has the power to erase that .
Ken Roberts
Lebanon, Ohio

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