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Re: Quin Hillyer’s He’s Not Jimmy Carter:

I think Quin Hillyer overrates Obama’s ability to inspire. The president has failed to move the needle of public opinion on health care, despite mounting a major PR offensive, including a prime-time news conference dominated by the usual softball questions. His use of the bully pulpit has coincided with a sharp decline in public confidence in his health care agenda.

Obama has benefited greatly from the debacles of the Bush administration, economic fears and the Toady Factor created by adoring media coverage. But I see no evidence that he can really connect with John and Jane Average. He’s too detached, too choreographed, too cool. He clearly lacks Ronald Reagan’s ability to evoke America’s “mystic chords of memory.” He often comes off as a college professor searching for street (Main) cred. Remember the bowling fiasco?

Events may yet rescue the left’s Chosen One. An improving economy will drive up his poll numbers, and the big media will perform the attack dog function for him, allowing him to rise above the fray. But I don’t believe he has what it takes to shape public opinion. Unfortunately, no one in the Republican Party has that ability, either. The GOP hasn’t presented a coherent limited government alternative to Obama’s all-powerful Nanny State. So Obama may end up winning by default — but not through overwhelming charisma.
— Mac Thrower
Robertsdale, Alabama

I pledge my allegiance to our Dear Leader, who wants nothing more than what is in our collective best interest.

I pledge to support Dear Leader as he nationalizes the banks, the auto industry, and health care. These are down payments on driving away all the greedy, profit driven malefactors of the corporate system, and replacing them with the tender, altruistic, socially conscious laborers of the compassionate state.

I pledge to drop 50 pounds, and report any irresponsible neighbors who eat too much, drink too much, exercise too little, or engage in socially un-enlightened lifestyles. I further pledge to know when it’s my time to go, so I won’t be a burden on my fellow citizens and other residents of our country.

I pledge to pursue in harmony with Dear Leader the green future by recycling each and every day, by driving only government approved and manufactured vehicles (and only when public transportation is unavailable), by avoiding use of electricity and indoor plumbing whenever possible (not only during our scheduled blackout periods), and by using only household products carrying the Dear Leader seal of approval. I know that the so-called “cap and trade” is only the first step towards ridding ourselves of fossil fuels, and I pledge my support to Dear Leader when he goes for 100% renewable energy sources.

I pledge to avoid exposing myself or my family (and especially my kids) to any harmful cultural materials or events from any media source not approved by the NEA in consultation with Dear Leader. And when Dear Leader wants to ban non-approved sources, as I know he will, I pledge to support him in that worthwhile endeavor. So-called “freedom of speech” is certainly not constitutionally protected when it is demonstrably toxic to our society, any more than is crying “fire” in a crowded theater! The ACLU has certainly come to that understanding.

I pledge to support Dear Leader as the message giver to our schoolchildren, as the proponent of volunteerism to combat the many ills of our society, as the enemy of racism, sexism, and homophobia. It is a very sad society where morality is the province of often dysfunctional families and hidebound churches, instead of the enlightened arena of the public school!

I pledge to give all my income to our Dear Leader, and trust he will provide me with all necessary secular sustenance as well as the best possible spiritual guidance.

I pledge to praise our Dear Leader as he apologizes to all the citizens of the world for the many depredations of our too often evil country. Our love of all will turn enemies into friends. Our appreciation of the many fine points of other cultures will educate us in how to be a better society.

I pledge to obey without question instructions from cadres of the Civilian National Security Force. I know that they have special insights into the dangerous traitors and evil-doers who permeate our too tolerant society. They merely want to protect me and my family from being ensnared by those who regularly practice thought crimes and engage in hate speech.

I pledge my support when Dear Leader finally decides to do away with the nonsense of elections and appoints the best people available to manage our society. After all, if elections are unfair to select union leaders, how much more is the unfairness if they are used to select much more important political leadership?

I pledge to relinquish my job to a more deserving minority woman, with the knowledge that Dear Leader will find a way to take care of me and my family.

He will, won’t he?
— Stephen Zierak
Kansas City, Missouri

Being politically cautious and astute does not mean we cannot enjoy the misery of Barack Obama and the Democrats. While we should not allow ourselves to become over confident or politically indolent we should not quake in our boots either. America is ascertaining who the real Barack Obama is and the public doesn’t like what it’s discovering. We can only hope this is the beginnings of a tsunami rejecting Obama’s neo-fascist agenda.

While Obama on occasion can masterfully read a teleprompter, a factor that has kept his poll numbers from totally tanking, what the public is rejecting is something more profound — they’re rejecting his vision for America. That’s why in under a year the Democrats have gone from their heady victories to worrying. Obama isn’t the principled and sincere George W. Bush and it is unlikely he’s going to be able to help Democrats in next year’s elections. A Muskie type public breakdown for the arrogant and narcissistic Obama is a real possibility as more and more Americans reject his BS.

As for a recovery based on Obama Democrat’s spending frenzy, it isn’t going to happen. Conservatives need to believe what they say about Keynesian economics — it doesn’t work. Obama’s massive spending bill, like FDR’s failed New Deal, will only prolong the pain and suffering that Americans are now experiencing. Despite massive hype to “end” the Democrat’s recession the reality is things are NOT getting better for Americans. Christmas 2009 portends a Dickensian bleakness not seen since Jimmy Carter or the first year of the Reagan Presidency. In fact, aside from the joy of our Savior’s birth this Christmas, thanks to Obama and Democrats, we will see more Americans homeless and hungry than in our nation’s history.

A real and effective stimulus bill would have cut taxes, reduced government spending and rewarded hard work and productivity. The Democrats’ massive government spending with its overworked printing presses has sucked the oxygen out of the American economy creating long term unemployment or underemployment for millions of Americans and hard times that only Republicans can reverse. Like Bill Clinton, the one thing that can save Obama from himself is a Republican Congress. A Republican Congress that reverses the Democrat’s catastrophic policies and returns America to the supply-side economics of Reagan and Bush.

To understand Obama and his potential political future, one needs to study the failed administrations of Duval Patrick (D MA), John Corzine (D NJ), Martin O’Malley (D MD) and Bev Perdue (D NC). These failed Democrat Governors are quintessential Obama Democrats with their ability to audaciously destroy hope and change things for the worse. The difference being Obama’s misery is more widespread.

Republicans and self-described conservatives need to enjoy the current misery of Democrats and plan to make 2010 hotter for them. There is Democrat blood in the water and we need to do everything in our power to make the wounds politically fatal.
— Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Re: R. Emmett Tyrrell Jr.’s The Palmetto Pathetico:

The reason that Sanford is still in the news is because he is a horse’s ass!!! I am a conservative through and through but no matter what his political leaning is, to do what he did, to his family number one, and then to his fellow politicians in his state is indefensible. How is it possible that a person in any position, let alone the Governor of a state, would just take off and disappear for a week? This man is an idiot and deserves all the scorn that comes to him.

I congratulate his wife for leaving him.
— Mike Denino
Oakton, Virginia

Re:David N. Bass’s Win Politically, Lose Culturally:
There is another “choice” — don’t get knocked up in the first place! Today, there are so many ways to avoid pregnancy — from “Just say[ing] ‘no” up to, and including, the latest iteration of Norplant, that abortion should be rendered unnecessary, except in very rare instances such as rape, incest or ectopic pregnancies.
— Gretchen L. Chellson
Alexandria, Virginia

There has been a lot of wasted time and effort and blood with this issue: Demonstrating in the streets, bombing abortion clinics, religious vigils, assassinating abortionists, threats, counter-threats and court battles. The way to win the abortion battle is not to look to the government – – a government that can’t seem to do much right anyway – – but to look to the American Medical Association for a conscience check.

Start asking why the AMA does not revoke the licenses of those members who disregard the medical system’s golden rule: Do no harm.
— K. L. Schaub
Charleston, South Carolina

Re: Daniel Mandel’s The Refusal to Recognize Anti-Semitism:

Two brave Jews, Ezra Levant and Mark Steyn, just saved free speech in Canada. Now Canadian anti-Semites are free to scapegoat and slander Jews, if they don’t choke on the irony.
— David Govett
Davis, California

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