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Obama’s Watergate

Re: Matthew Vadum’s ACORN’s Man in the White House:

Isn’t it amazing if one contrasts Watergate and the ACORN scandals. Watergate was a two bit break in of the Democratic headquarters where no one was injured, no monetary damage, no evidence President Nixon knew much about it even afterwards. It was made a big deal by the unfriendly media and Nixon’s advisors heavy handed responses. ACORN is a much greater and far reaching scandal involving millions and perhaps billions of tax payer money, massive corruption, Obama’s intimate and broad relations with ACORN, actual video evidence of the corruption involving ACORN’s ready and willingness to aid in children as young as 12 to 13 years of age being forced into prostitution and smuggled into the US, and the media that refuses to cover the scandal. When they do cover it they concentrate on the possibility of the young couple taking the videos possibly violating Maryland law — just one state where the outrages occurred. As I said before truly amazing that Watergate brought down a President and ACORN is hardly covered. Well, in a better world…
— Jack Wheatley
Royal Oak, Michigan

“Newly discovered evidence shows the radical advocacy group ACORN has a man in the Obama White House.”

Isn’t that like saying, “Newly discovered evidence shows that Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead”?
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Please don’t let this story die!

This could be Obama’s Watergate if he did not have the mainstream media in his pocket.
— James Wimbrow
Piedmont, South Carolina

Re: Jay D. Homnick’s America Cops to the World:

It outrages me, a lot, that Obama “sees in our history a greater source of regret than of pride.”

With his every vacuous and leftist word-that is, essentially all that the speaks-Barack Hussein Obama, that man of “putative brilliance” who evinces no signs of such, continues to reveal that he knows nothing of America’s heart and character.

He also reveals, as I heard recently from an elderly Jewish woman who escaped Nazi Germany just before World War II officially began, that he hates not just Israel and the Jews, but also America.

Narcissist Obama’s smugness, arrogance and condescension to Americans and apparently everyone else grows daily more intolerable and loathsome.

This feckless, pusillanimous, divisive man is a clear and present danger to our country and the world-even to those who think, as he does, that America should become weak and broken.
— C. Kenna Amos Jr.

Re: Mark Goldblatt’s Who Is College Material?:

I might stand to be corrected, but my reading of medieval history, especially the history of the Byzantine empire, is that the words “czar” or “tsar” and “kaiser” are actually corruptions of the Greek word “basileus,” the title of the Byzantine emperor. It is often said that czar and the German equivalent derive from the Latin “Caesar,” but that appears to be one of those stories that gains currency only because it often talked about, rather than being intrinsically correct. Considering the article was about the standard of higher education I feel obliged to point out this inaccuracy, accepting the risk of being pedantic.
— Christopher Holland
Canberra, Australia

Re: Robert P. Kirchhoefer’s The Splashdown of the Obama Presidency:

Mr. Kirchhoefer wrote, “…those who jump their proverbial shark forever place their best days behind them. They unwittingly outwit themselves and forget who and where they are — more importantly, they forget who put them there.”

That nails the essence of “jumping the shark,” mostly.

However, I would argue it is precisely that they cannot and do not forget who, or what, “put them there” that compels a johnny-one-note like Obama to shark-jumping oblivio and that such as a fate is predestined as in a Greek tragedy. Obama simply must be giving speeches and in our face 24/7 because all he ever was and is still is an attractive figure in a suit mouthing pretty pieties that won him praise and support in the past. It’s all he knows and his very essence.

Anything else is seemingly almost beyond his ken and so he must try what worked once ever harder. I’d bet no one is more perplexed at his falling popularity than Obama. As for the Fonz, I remember the series well and that sad night. Mr. Kirchhoefer left out a crucial detail in support of my argument. What made the spectacle so ridiculous and reduced Fonzie to a mere shell of his former cool was that he was at his essence and shrouded in the very symbol of Fonz-dom, as always, as he jumped the shark- his leather jacket. And just as millions of young males finally put away their leather jackets and Fonzie attitudes for good that long, long ago night millions now switch channels when Dear Leader commands the screen.
— Mark Shepler
Jupiter, Florida

Dear Leader, as this article reports, was elected for his style. I beg to also inject that Obama was elected by the entire mainstream media. Like taking a winning war and turning public opinion and making it a losing one, the election of this leader, in this moment of history, in a time when the safety of our nation has been abandoned fully and totally, rests solely upon NYT, ABC, CBS, NBC, and CNN. And when the next attack comes and we lose a huge quantity of Americans, we will remember this.

So too, when we collapse from the weight of debt, both that which was purchased, and that which was not sold to Red China, we will remember. We will remember when New York turned the lights on the Empire State Building red and yellow, to celebrate Red China’s 60th birthday. But by now Red China probably owns the Empire State Building.

We will also remember as the media help our enemies to kill American servicemen abroad by publishing all our state secrets. As our finest, our soldiers, airmen, sailors, are once again called losers, reported on once again as inept, unsound, and psycho (we remember this post-Vietnam), and marginalize these brave, we will remember. We see the horizon approaching. A President ready to go campaign for an Olympics, instead of studying Commander’s reports and fighting to win. We will remember. We will remember that media’s last hurray, in an attempt to rediscover their hay day from the 1960’s and 70’s Watergate, was to help implement the dismantling of America. We will remember.
— Beverly Gunn
East Texas Rancher

Re: Brian O’Connell’s So Much for the Good War:

Funny how Pelosi invokes “public disapproval” as an excuse for not sending more troops to Afghanistan, but doesn’t use the same logic for her health care plan. Despite very little interest by “the voters,” she continues to demand the plan.
— Bob M
Ft. Myers, Florida

Re: Ralph Reiland’s Obama’s Shovel-Ready Cure:

One can only shake one’s head in sadness at the tragic mess it has all become. If the government weren’t involved at all vis-a-vis Medicare and Medicaid, then folks like Dr. Emmanuel and Evan Thomas would have nothing to say about granny; it would, in fact, be none of their business. It would be between granny and her doctor, and perhaps her deity, and no one else. If we can’t go back to those simpler, better times, then we should concentrate at least on not making matters worse.
— David Reich, MD
Auburn, New York

The problem with health insurance is, and has always been, that it is the ONLY form of insurance that people want to use to its utmost. “Do all the tests doc, I paid for it and now I want CAT scans, lab tests and x-rays!” I mean, no one will burn down the house or become disabled, just to see if the insurance pays. Not the case with health insurance. And, if you want to see how insuring everyone free works, just go to a military clinic on a rainy day and watch the lineup of non-diseases show up, because it is free and it is raining. Poor guy with chest pain at the end of that line!
— Bob M, MD

Re: James Bowman’s Rotten Apples:

Via what sad concatenation of events did demented stories told by demented storytellers become the daily fictive dreams of the American people?
— David Govett
Davis, California

Re: Manon McKinnon’s Women to the Rescue:

Did Valerie Jarrett play the banjo in Deliverance?
— Dan Martin
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Re: William Tucker’s The Next OPEC:

Wow, nice article. I am one of these aristocrats, now gradually drifting towards becoming a pauper.
— Talal

Re: G. Tracy Mehan, III’s Republicans Struggle to Get Off the Mat:

I get miffed at the Republicans touting Lincoln. Not only was he a racist, he wanted to ship the blacks out of the country. He, like Obama circumvented the Constitution in order to force the Confederates to the Union, by force. He created war that cost something like 600,000 lives for naught.
— L.D. Fore

Re: Ken Blackwell’s Camp David Syndrome:

It is easy to understand why Obama is fascinated by the Middle East. He thinks he is the new Moses and the Red Sea is going to part before him. Moses had to perform miracles, but all Obama has to do is read a pontificating speech off his autocue. Unfortunately for him, he looks like a bigger fool than the Pharaoh who tried to cross the Red Sea after Moses had done his bit. Last week, Obama cancelled the missile defense system that George W. Bush planned for Eastern Europe, selling Poland and the Czech Republic down the river at the same time. Now we know that he also knew that Iran had a second nuclear facility, undeclared. How can he trust these people now, and how can he possibly rely on the IAEA to verify any agreement they do make? A decision that looked downright bad at the time now looks utterly reckless and stupid only a week later.

Now we have a President with a messiah complex, who has the worst judgment imaginable and is dealing with people who want to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. God spare us from the catastrophe this hopeless egomaniac looks like he will bring down on our heads.
— Christopher Holland
Canberra, Australia

Re: W. James Antle, III.’s The Kennedys’ Senator:

The Founding Fathers created a chamber that would represent all American citizens, starting with 26 senators. In time the chamber grew; now we have 99 United States Senators representing the people and one lackey serving the Kennedys.

Maybe the people of The Bay State will finally rise up and reclaim their seat and liberty itself.
— I.M. Kessel

Re: Bill Croke’s Taking On the Trash:

A few years back during the Clinton years the family decided to take the train and go to Toronto for Y2K. Since everything was going to break-down, we figured we’d watch it fall apart from about 30 floors up.

Anyhow the train ride was a typical train ride. What surprised me was the amount of trash one sees piled up in the backsides of otherwise ‘pristine’ Canadian suburbs and cities that one never sees while motoring there.

After all the years of being told that America; the great Satan was the scourge of the environmentally responsible world. I was shocked! SHOCKED! I say to see so much rubbish, rust, recyclables, otherwise known as GARBAGE piled up outside of so many otherwise fine Canadian homes and businesses.

Hey Detroit! Your reputation is being challenged.
— P. Aaron Jones
Huntington Woods, Michigan

Re: Ben Stein’s Thank you, Barack Obama:

EXCELLENT! LOVED your letter to Obama. BRAVO!!!!
— Deborah Stewart

Re: Andrew B. Wilson’s Polonius POTUS:

Let us defer to the Bard on the POTUS and his endless speechifying. “Lord, what fools these mortals be.”
— I.M. Kessel

Prince Hal Obama has always been lecturer-in-chief, starting back with his Philadelphia lecture to whites, telling them, after calling them all racists, what they did or did not know.

He also seems to embody most of the themes of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet,” such as indecision, revenge, retribution, deceit and madness.

And, for sure, “Obama, Prince of America” is a very real and ongoing tragedy.
C. Kenna Amos Jr.

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