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Eternal Vigilance

Re: W. James Antle III’s Revolt on the Right:

Conservative principles have finally trumped loyalty to the Republican Party because after DECADES, we Conservatives have quit waiting to have the favor returned. Where was I during the excessive spending of Bush 43 and the Stupid Party? I was bitterly complaining to my two Georgia Republican Senators about the direction of their voting.

I rarely wasted my time contacting the Bush White House. Senator Saxby Chambliss was Mister Prescription Drug Plan among other squishy middle of the road votes. Death to the Republican Party! Long live the Conservative Party!
— David Shoup

Re: The Prowler’s Grudge Match:

If the GOP wants to continue down the so-called middle road with the likes of Dede Scozzafava then it can’t whine when it grows its minority status.

And if the establishment GOP consisting of Newt, Huckabee, Romney, Crist, RINOs Graham/Snowe/Collins/McCain et. al want to continue to stride the fence then they can go the way of the dodo and let the conservative adults take over again.

As it stands now the current GOP only wants power and is doing its best Bob Michel/Bob Dole impression. Heck, even Senator Frist is looking more milquetoast than even Lamar! And that’s really hard to do.
— Greg Barnard

According to a news report I got tonight (10/26), Doug Hoffman has pulled ahead of the two other challengers, who, despite their different party affiliations, are basically identical. I’m reading a contribution to Mr. Hoffman and pray that he stands a fighting chance in New York.

Glenn Beck also issued a report (with a video confirming it) that Newt Gingrich has put his support behind the RINO in the race. What gall! Newt is washed up with me as far as that’s concerned.
— Jim Bjaloncik
Stow, Ohio

Re: David Catron’s The AMA’s Quisling Strategy:

If Obama Fascists (i.e., Democrats) pass legislation aimed at nationalizing health care then shouldn’t the public have the right to demand legislation limiting AMA doctor’s pay to the below the median income (presently $52,000.00)?  If limiting the pay of Democrat fat cats on Wall Street is “fair” and “sensible” then limiting the pay of AMA fat cat Democrats is not only “fair”, but it would drastically reduce the “costs” of health care something everyone knows the current monstrosities in Congress will not do. The savings might also serve as a “revenue” source to help “pay” for nationalized health care. I’m surprised Baucus and Frank haven’t thought of this.

For those who fear doctors will just quit I recommend we create a “health care army” and draft all AMA doctors and make them government employees unable to quit their jobs.  If the “general welfare” clause of the Constitution gives Democrats the right to order individuals to buy health care insurance then I see no problem with compelling AMA doctors to provide their skills for the benefit of society for a small paycheck.  Any who oppose this “sensible” initiative for “social justice” should not only be compelled to “work for the state,” but told where to do it and as part of their “reeducation” forced to serve the urban and rural poor. If we’re going to do this (i.e., Obamacare) then why not just go all the way? We must think outside the box and be audacious, because healthy and generally overweight Americans “desperately” want their “broken” health care system “fixed.” Why should Cubans get ” free health care” that Michael Moore loves and we don’t?

Setting the pay of AMA doctors could also be used as the template for setting the pay for other “civically” minded groups like trial lawyers, labor unions, academicians and White House appointees.  I for one think a pay czar for Hollywood is needed to reign in the gross pay differences between rich directors and actors and poor audience members.  One would think such key supporters of Obama and his agenda for change would be the first to recognize their bloated pay checks are anachronistic and gosh in this new age of austerity and simplicity where 10% unemployment is the new “norm.” Time for Hollywood to pay its fair share!

While we’re at it why limit government seizure to health care?  Let’s takeover the business interests of elected members of Congress. Shouldn’t Mr. Diane Feinstein,  Barney Frank’s partner, Mrs. Harry Reid and Mr. Nancy Pelosi be willing to sacrifice for the greater good of society? These Democrats and their kind are all obscenely rich so “liberating” their wealth will not only be good for society, but relieve them of the sense they were unfairly winners of life’s lotto.

Just thinking about these types of reforms makes me feel better.  Now I understand why the PSA that found my father had prostate cancer and the surgery that saved his life really were a waste of time. I can’t wait until the majority of female supporters of Obamacare find out that breast exams are no longer needed. Happy days are here again.  Sieg heil!
— Michael Tomlinson
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Re: Quin Hillyer’s Yes, “The One” Should Fail:

Excellent–I really thought that I was in Alice in Wonderland and most people were liberal.
— Jim

Re: Robert P. Kirchhoefer’s Selective Urgency:

Indeed decisive action is needed here. We are NOT winning. First, we must decide if we want to win this or if we want to cut and run. If the former, then we need the additional manpower, because there are areas in Afghanistan and Pakistan where Taliban operates at will. If the latter, then let us identify our at-risk Afghani friends, help them to depart and get resettled, then let us pack up, go home, and get ready for the radical Muslims to target the next country in their goal of world hegemony, probably Pakistan, then the next country, and the next, and so on. Maybe even more hijacked airliners flying into more American landmarks.
— David Shoup

Re: Jeffrey Lord’s  FCC-Church Conspiracy to Silence Talk Radio and Fox?:

I was alarmed when I read this article.

I noted that the Methodist Communications was “signing on” in regard to this petition. I contacted the Methodist Communications and voiced my concern. Today I received an email from a representative there who told me that their organization had not indeed “signed on” to this petition and that their name was placed in error.  I read the article again today and noticed that their name still remains in the article — there is a line under Communications and perhaps that is an indication that you will be eliminating their name from the article or perhaps you are doing further investigation in regard to their “signing on.”  Would you please notify me about this matter?  I will forward the email that I received from the Methodist Communications group to you in another mailing.
— Gloria J. White

The New Democratic Messiah loathes to be questioned, but this is nothing new. No king has ever enjoyed having his sagacious pronouncements second-guessed. The Founding Fathers knew this truth to the very core of their marrow. They also understood with utter certainty that God, not kings, was the author of human rights. With this in mind, they crafted The Bill of Rights. Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of all other rights and this is reflected in its placement in the Constitution.

The give and take of the First Amendment has been a long and bloodied road, but it has survived for over 200 years. President Obama is crafty enough not to attack the Constitution directly; he sends his minions to do the spadework of undermining this sacred document.

The Left has a long history of extolling the virtues of free speech (as long as the speech is in favor of their ideals) while curtailing the actual practice. For over 25 years colleges and universities, the very incubators of free exchange of ideas, has squelched free speech with its PC codes of conduct. In 1981, the ACLU (rightly) supported the Nazi’s right to make a peaceful march in Skokie, Illinois. Certainly if the Left can support the vile and race hating speech of the Nazi’s, the Left can tolerate O’Reilly, Hannity, Rush, Levin et al.

The UCC and other church organizations would do well to remember history. Whenever a government has throttled free speech, the first to be silenced are the intellectuals. Soon after, the clergy and the churches are muzzled. Any religious organization that seeks to stifle free expression is selling the rope to its own executioner. Power seeks power and knows no loyalty.

If the government seeks to repeal natural laws, the people retain the natural right (and duty) to throw off the oppressors and establish a just government in its place.  Now is not the time for revolution but as Thomas Jefferson wisely proffered, “The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.”
— I.M. Kessel

Re: Ben Stein’s We’ve Figured Him Out:

Great letter Ben. You hit it right on the head.
— Charlie Tiblom

Re: Ben Stein’s Breathless:

Maybe it’s acid reflux triggering asthma, allergies and asthma — similar triggers… the acid reflux mimics and masks many cardio symptoms.
— Ken

Reading Ben Stein’s diary is always such a blessing and a solid reminder that we all should count simple blessings with great gratitude. For whatever our lot and path in life is, we all need to greet and end each day with gratitude.

Having just returned from another week’s stay at the western ranch caring for parents, I drove home a few days ago. A “norther” was bearing down on Texas giving the stirrings of rain, low pressure gradients which make us who have had broken bones or other injuries feel decades older, and a preview of the coming winter as Canadian air bore down upon us. It brought with it reminders of stories told by my father and grandfather of “blue northers”, as they were called, back then, which bore down suddenly, unpredictably, and froze cattle standing in pastures. My Dad used to say that there was nothing between us and Canada but a few barbed wire fences!

Life on our ranches has a familiar and beloved routine of seasons and scheduled practices that, after years of performing dutifully, brings a feeling of duty and expectancy, as calves are born and raised and shuttled to and from pastures for grazing and growing, then to market for sale. We walk the pecan orchard, new to us as a crop, and determine that another 2 to 3 weeks is needed for maturity, then we can delight ourselves with the abundance of pecans for pies, cakes, and pralines by Christmas. The thought of that alone makes me smile, as my Daddy loves nothing more that good pecan pralines and has promised to use his now idle hands, to shell me as many pounds as I desire.

Around us all we see such great confusion and uncertainty in our nation, coming from leaders who throw chaos, communistic leanings, and tax threats, with great increase and daily regularity. Yet, it is in finding gratitude in the simple and routine, as in our family’s life, or the more privileged, as in Mr. Stein’s case, that anchors us to that which is both welcomed and familiar. How blessed we all are and, as my Dad says, no one can take gratitude away from you. It is worth cultivating and maintaining.

Before I left I read the Psalms to my Dad. It is uniquely our ritual and he asks me to “surprise” him and read one of my choosing. It matters not which chapter I choose, Dad always says it is his favorite. The exception is the 23rd Psalms and when I read that tears run down his weak and color faded eyes and he repeats it with me. His love of God and God’s word has been the compass of his life and he has passed that to me.

Joy and grace and blessing are the hallmarks of folks to whom gratitude is a natural part of. We love and identify with Ben Stein’s diaries because we know he loves his family, that he so appreciates freedom and those who fight to keep his freedom, and that whether he is doing something great or simple, Ben loves this life to its fullest and more importantly takes nothing for granted. I find, as the mother of an officer serving our country, that I am grateful for Mr. Stein’s acknowledgement that it is the soldier’s sacrifice that gives each of us this normality of life. Absent that and all our lives become uncertain.

A Stetson hat tip to you, Mr. Stein, and may we all find blessings to count each and every day and make our lives count, so that those who have sacrificed, have not done so needlessly.
— Bev Gunn
East Texas Rancher

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