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Re: Andrew Cline’s Where’s the Urgency on Health Care Reform?:

The president got my attention with his pressing hard on the stimulus, that it be passed as quickly as possible. But then, it was passed, and rather than have an immediate signing that weekend, he went on vacation. So, it appeared to those of us who were really watching, that his urgency was more about getting his way than doing what the American people needed. Now, I wasn’t for the first stimulus, believing it was never about shovel ready jobs, but more about Chicago pay-back politics, to give to his cronies who elected him. As we see where the money was doled out, I believe that has born truth.

Years ago when working cattle, my father made me note who the lead “cow” of the herd was. His reasoning was simple, the cattle herd always has a lead animal, and believe it or not, it is the most hard headed cow. The bull has his own structure in the herd, but it is the lead cow you watch. She is known for making others do things her way, not because she has true leadership skills. You watch her because you can tell by watching her if she’s going to make the herd hard to manage or not, the day you work your cattle. You also watch her because if she proves to be a fence breaker, you take her to the sale barn!

Watching our president build his own corals has me sorting out his reasoning. I have come to some startling conclusions. First, I believe he has focused on the very things that would give him ultimate power, those being banking, control of jobs, his universal medical “care” he desires, etc. I looked for what the end game might be. And what I have concluded has left me quite undone. I believe our president knows his capital is playing out, but that he wants to have firm fences in place. For all the talk of conservatives or Republicans regaining control again in 2010, this statement will be shocking, but I believe that he as a statist is exacting controls and plans to have NO more elections. He could, if any small event takes place, be it financial or enemy attack, or other medical crisis (swine flu?). He  will declare martial law and suspend all normal business as usual. He would suspend any elections and stay in power.

Beyond this I will repeat my Dad’s advice, watch the lead animal. What that lead animal does is more revealing than anything else.
— Bev Gunn
East Texas Rancher

Re: Ross Kaminsky’s Dead Ringer:

I agree completely with your conclusions that those like Briffa, Hansen, Jones and Mann have severely manipulated the data to support their own pre-conceived notions. They are not scientists in the true definition of the term, and do not adhere to the scientific method, which does require others to be able to use the raw data, repeat the same experiment, analysis and independently reach their own conclusion. These people only use science to further their agenda, and manipulate data and everything they can to further their own end.

I have a science degree in forestry. Any of the chicanery that these “esteemed” scholars have pulled would have made sure my major professor would have had me thrown out of the school.

The real question to ponder is what is these so-called scientists’ real agenda? What is the real agenda of Briffa, Hansen, Jones, Mann et al.?  Look at the positions they espouse as the conclusions of their “research.” From my casual analysis, it seems these “scientists” want us to dramatically reduce the population on the earth, dramatically change the world and local economies, and force us back to a more agricultural economy, but permit them to continue to live their lives as they want. Most important of all, they want to become the ruling class to dictate to all of the world what we can and cannot do according to their view of the world. The UN conference in Copenhagen that starts next week is part of that nefarious plan to create a ruling environmental body.

Unfortunately, they are not alone. The endangered species act has had its instances where fabricated data were used to justify the range of a species spuriously as well as what I would call hair splitting to define new species to “protect” when in fact they are not really new species.

It is a sad state of affairs when scientists can no longer be counted on for transparency in their research and strive to make sure they are not prejudiced as they accuse others of being.
— John Leake

Re: Matthew Vadum’s Soros Eyes Secretaries:

Election Day 2010 is less than one year away and I read that Missouri Secretary of State, Robin Carnahan, is running for the U. S. Senate.

According to Section 14,  Article IV, EXECUTIVE DEPARTMENT, of our Missouri Constitution,  the Secretary of State is custodian of records, and documents and performs duties in relation to elections and corporations.

Don’t you think that being a candidate in an election that you are required to oversee, is a serious conflict of interest?  Shouldn’t she resign from her state executive position? After all, you can’t referee the game you’re playing in.
— Donna

Perhaps more states ought to try the Wisconsin model.  Wisconsin elections are overseen by nonpartisan administrators, who are governed by a six-member board composed of retired judges. All major decisions are made at public meetings, after hearing comments from the public.
— Paul Malischke
spokesperson for Fair Elections Wisconsin

Re: Quin Hillyer’s Beware of Overconfidence:

While I always caution against overconfidence, I think conservatives have a lot to look forward. In any battle, the best you can hope for is your enemy saves you the trouble of using your ammunition and instead shoots himself with his own gun. That is what is happening now with liberalism — I have not seen such awful confusion since the fall of the Berlin Wall and I can see it becoming far worse. First, Obamaism is rapidly turning into the biggest train wreck since the Penn Central Railroad — I am beginning to feel sorry for Obama, he is so incompetent and out of touch. Second, the Climategate scandal could well do to liberals what Hurricane Katrina did to New Orleans. Much of the liberal policy agenda of big government and high taxes has been specifically aligned to cope with global warming, but the Climategate scandal strongly suggests that global warming is the biggest fraud in history — the biggest scientific fraud and the biggest government policy fraud. The effects of Climategate have the potential to flow through to every nook and cranny in the body politic of liberalism and the corruption, incompetence and deceit that is being revealed is almost beyond comprehension.

I have been an environmental economist for 20 years, working on government environmental policies since global warming first become an issue. I have long had suspicions about the junk science and the phoney consensus and the stigmatising of any anybody who dared to criticise the climate change orthodoxy. Climate change scaremongering has become a cancer on the body of government, destroying everything it touches and liberals have cheered it on at every step. Now that the underlying fraud is being exposed, liberals are going to have one hell of time responding in any meaningful way — they are in this swamp up to their eyebrows and the alligators are real mean and hungry. To conservatives the only thing I want to say is the Al Jolson line, “stick around, folks, you ain’t heard nothing yet.”

I think the key message to conservatives is not about overconfidence, it is about sticking to your guns and not trying to court short term popularity by pretending to be moderates or whatever other phoney label that are the flavours of the month. It is liberalism that is being exposed as the party of shams, charlatans and fakes — why rush to join them? Stick to your convictions and beliefs and be honest about them and have a big broom ready because there is going to be one hell of a mess to clean up when the Obama circus is thrown out of town.
— Christopher H
Canberra, Australia

Sage advice indeed. Couldn’t have said it better myself. And, don’t forget Reagan’s 11th commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican”. Have we already forgotten NY 23?
— Mike Showalter
Austin, Texas

Re: Lisa Fabrizio’s The Lady and the Tiger:

“… the car was a custom Cadillac Escalade….”

Tiger Woods doesn’t drive a Buick?
— Dan Martin

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