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Bill Whittle, Virtual President

On Saturday, I had the opportunity, at the 2013 Leadership Program of the Rockies Annual Retreat, to hear from some fantastic speakers, including Mayor Mia Love, Judge Janice Rogers Brown, and Bill Whittle.

For those of you who don’t know Whittle, you’re missing something special, with his YouTube videos (including the Afterburner series for Pajamas Media) offering great entertainment and great insight into today’s politics.

Whittle’s new project is called Mr. Virtual President. He will be making videos which will look like he’s the President of the United States, saying what he would say if he were President of the United States.

His first effort is a segment of a virtual State of the Union speech in which he talks to Congress about guns and gun control legislation.

My first and enduring reaction was “Why isn’t one well-known Republican member of Congress half as effective a communicator as Whittle?” My second reaction is “this guy should run for office” — but in fact he shouldn’t. He should keep on doing what he’s doing, where he can have a much greater impact than one lonely voice fighting for reason and liberty among a marauding band of idiots and statists.

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