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Why Now?

That the Iranian kakistocracy wants to destroy Israel is not news. That they also are hell-bent on obtaining nuclear weapons and the achieving the ability to manufacture their own is also not any revelation. So why is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the Iranian president, making so loud a noise about Israel and the Holocost these days?

The timing is curious. Mohamed el-Baradei, head nuclear watchdog for the UN, says Iran may achieve its nuclear ambitions in six months or less. Most experts believe that underestimates, by at least a year, Iran’s ability to arm itself with nukes. So why would Ahmadinejad be spouting off so loudly now?

Is he under political pressure at home? His relations with Iran’s parliament are spotty, but they do what the mullahs tell them to, and so does he. Is this for foreign consumption? But why — when Iran is interfering in Iraq — would it want to draw more attention to itself?

Something is missing here.

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