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Holder to Blacks: You’re Too Stupid

The news side of the Washington Times already did a great story on this, and folks like Hans von Spakovsky, Abigail Thernstrom and others have done good commentary on it as well (I’m too short of time to find and provide all the links, for which I apologize, but I’ll try to come back later and edit them in), but today we at the Wash Times editorial page explain in no uncertain terms just how morally and legally bankrupt is the Justice Department’s decision last month to block a small North Carolina town from holding nonpartisan local elections. The Justice Department itself doesn’t use the words we use, of course, but the absolutely clear implication of their decision and arguments is that black voters can’t be trusted to know their own minds. Among other things, we say, perhaps somewhat puckishly, that DoJ’s attitude is “antebellum.” Do click through to the link. DoJ’s position is stunningly outrageous.

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