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Obama’s Win–Stating The Obvious

I have been very critical of Barack Obama throughout this campaign and expect to be during his presidency. I would have preferred a different result tonight, but I need to comment on the obvious — the fact that a black man can be elected President of the United States is a great development for our nation. The legacy of slavery, segregation, and racial prejudice has been the biggest stain on a nation that has done more to advance liberty than any country on earth.  While I have always felt deeply that the country has undergone a dramatic transformation over the last several decades on race relations, the media’s focus on instances of racial division in our society has always distracted from the tremendous progress that has been made. Sure, there are still racists out there, but Obama’s victory, thankfully, proves that they are relegated to an insignificant minority. The Jesse Jacksons and Al Sharptons of this world have thrived by stirring up racial resentment and creating the impression that racism is institutionalized and overwhelming in contemporary America, but Obama’s election is a devastating blow to them and their ilk, and to the entire racial grievance industry. America decided that they liked Obama and trusted him to lead the country in a time of crisis, and they gave him a fair shake despite the color of his skin. While I dread what the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress have in store for us, I am glad that we now have incontrovertible evidence that skin color does not place limits on one’s ability to succeed in today’s America.

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