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Half-Time Speech

This is my half-time speech with 24 hours to go:  It was 41 years ago this past Sunday (October 26, 1967), that John McCain took one for the team – the American Team that is.  It was that day McCain’s A4 Skyhawk had its right wing blown off micro seconds after John triggered the release of his ordnance over North Vietnam.  He’d heard the warning tone but wanted to finish the mission before evading the SAM.  Broken bones and all, he survived the crash to become a P.O.W.  Needless to say John McCain would continue to take ‘ones’ for the team for the next 1966 days up until his release from captivity on March 14, 1973.  Well if you were part of the team back in 1967, and by that I mean, an American citizen enjoying the good life – however you chose to define that, then it is time to stand up and return the favor.  Not to payback John McCain for his past deeds, he’s already been awarded the Silver Star, the Bronze Star, the Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions 40 years ago.  No, elections are about the future and you’ve got one more day to get your butt off the bench for the millions of everday Joes who make up the heart of today’s American Team.  I’ll name just two that you know very well – Joe the Plumber and Joe the G.I. – they show up in the arena everyday, here and abroad, reporting for DUTY, good weather or bad.  Their individual contribution may be modest but as a group they HONOR all of us by providing the quality of life and freedoms that we too often just take for granted around here.  You may not agree with John McCain on every issue in this election but he just happens to be the one candidate still in this race, who is standing up for Joe and more importantly understands that this COUNTRY is a cause much bigger than himself.  So that’s it, no more time to waste here in the locker room – its time to get out in the arena and make phone calls, send emails and get out the vote for John and kick some butt for our team of Joes.

Semper Fidelis,


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