Ron Paul calls it quits

He’s striking the tent today:

Rep. Ron Paul’s presidential campaign, a pugnacious, ideological crusade against big government and interventionist leanings in the Republican party, will officially end Thursday at a rally outside the Texas GOP’s convention. . . .
The new phase of the revolution officially begins with a speech tonight in Houston and a Web video to be posted on his site, officially ending Paul’s presidential campaign and freeing up the more than $4.7 million in campaign cash for investment in a new advocacy group, The Campaign for Liberty.

Cui bono? Not to insinuate an illegal coordination of effort — the kind that might fall afoul of the (ahem) Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002 — but Ron Paul’s concession occurs exactly 18 days after the “Dogfight in Denver” and exactly two days after Paul appeared at a Capitol Hill press conference with another presidential candidate. All entirely coincidental, I’m sure.

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