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Re: The Dullocrats

Phil, the Dullocrats aren’t the only ones. And not everything is played out in the media. Take the Bosnia “controversy” of last week. In the Shields-Brooks discussion last Friday or Meet the Press‘s roundtable yesterday, polite company said not a word about Hillary’s Tuzla whopper, though any hack with half a brain knows it’s been a disaster for Hillary. In some precincts, no sniping allowed remains the rule.

Or when we do see an assassin like James Carville at work, trashing Bill Richardson over and over for allegedly betraying Bill Clinton, to whom he allegedly owes his career — has anyone ever suggested that maybe Clinton owes him? Nowhere have I seen a single reference to the once well-known breakfast meeting Richardson had with Monica Lewinsky, at which he offered her a job at the UN. Think Richardson liked being used this way — or at least having it on his résumé? But again, in some media circles, etiquette requires that certain questions not be raised.

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