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Nit-picking Obama

I have lots and lots of thoughts on Obama’s speech, some positive, some negative — and may not have time to publish them or to give the speech justice. So do NOT take this as my only reaction to the speech, which really was an admirably thoughtful (if at times very wrongheaded) address.

Okay, enough with the disclaimer. Here’s what really bothered me, right at the start, enough (if I hadn’t already read Ed Whelan, who handled the issue quite well on a more substantive level) to make it hard to take seriously Obama’s claims to really care about the Constitution or to be an expert about it. To me, it showed profound ignorance for him to talk about the Constitutional Convention in 1787 meeting “throughout the Spring.” Well, no, it was not throughout the spring. The convention didn’t even get started until well into May, and it met throughout a long, stifling summer. The delegates literally suffered physically from the heat and the bugs, and from various ailments, in order to create this wonderful Constitution which created a country Obama is convinced still, even today, needs more effort to “perfect.” (“Perfect” used as a verb.)
The summer and the uncomfortableness of the whole enterprise are important parts of the story — a story that I still doubt Obama appreciates, much as I still doubt that he really appreciates the accomplishment that came from it.
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