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Re: Re: McCain Right on Iraq


Well, ANY half-sentient GOP candidate is going to SAY those things now, because of course the surge has has a ton of success. I don’t think Huck has a clue, though, based on his Foreign Affairs article. Remember, for all the complaining McCain did about one stray Romney coment on Iraq, Romney announced the very day Bush did his first “surge” speech that he, Romney, supported it. Huck, on the other hand, found NOTHING good to say about the surge then; instead, he complained about what it would do to the state-level National Guard units — and then he spent nearly another full month hemming and hawing about his position on it. In fact, it was at just about this time last year that Huck went on with Stephanopoulos and Steph tried to pin him down, because Steph said that after about three weeks of Huck statements, he, Steph, still couldn’t figure out what Huck’s position was — and Huck AGAIN danced around the questions and really wouldn’t answer.

Which is why I think it is safe to give credit to McAngry on Iraq and not to the Huckster.

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