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Rudy Outclasses McCain

I am listening to a wonderfully gracious concession speech by Rudy Giuliani. I disagree with him on some important issues, but he ran a high-minded campaign and if he does pull out, I will miss his presence.

The same cannot be said about tonight’s winner, John McCain. His behavior in the past several days has been despicable. He flat-out lied about Romney, and then not only refused to apologize, but repeated the lie and added insults on top of it. Bill Bennett pronounced it a lie and a low blow. Brit Hume said it was a lie. Indeed, just about every observer pronounced it a lie.

Then McCain fudged on the report from John Fund that he drew a distinction between Justices Roberts and Alito and that he migt not appoint ones who are perceived as conservative as Alito. Then he again told another whopper of a lie, claiming that he supported all the other Bush nominees not covered by the Gang bang of 14 deal. He perhaps could be forgiven if he had merely forgotten one and not gotten involved. But that’s not what he did. Instead, he played wingman for Lindsey Graham to lead the fight against superb nominee Jim Haynes, smearing Haynes in the process.

Lies up lies upon lies. It cannot be repeated enough. These were lies every bit as bad as the ones Bill Clinton told about Obama. And they bespeak bad things about McCain’s character. Which leads to this prediction: Now that McCain is the clear and unambiguous front-runner, it is McCain’s character, up until now seen as his strong suit and his main calling card, which will begin to come under scrutiny and well-merited attack. We will see reports about his temper, about his lack of honesty, about his flip-flops, about his finances, and about other matters as well. For eight years, the establishment media has left him mostly immune from such questions. Well, no longer. Now we will see if he can take it as well as he has dished it out. To quote a current movie title, figuratively speaking, There Will Be Blood.

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