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You Tell Her..No You
Last night’s debate was a whole lot of fun. It’s not everyday that you hear : 1) an articulate liberal like Obama explain that individual health insurance mandates are coercive and ineffective to boot; 2) Hillary’s opponents call her and her husband out for saying things that “aren’t supported by the facts”; 3) have a nice round of self-righteous career gotcha (“You worked for a slum lord!” “Well you worked for Wal Mart!” Poor Edwards– the sure sign that his is irrelevant was the absence of any mention of his hedge fund work.); and 4) Hillary being given the clear choice between winning and ending the war and choosing the latter. Someone who is very brave in her campaign (and has another job lined up just in case) should make her sit down and watch the part of the tape showing her slumping on her podium with the “I can’t believe I have to listen to this upstart” expression on her face. It was most unbecoming on multiple levels. That sort of thing in a general election debate I think would have the same impact as the sighing, dismissive Al Gore performance in 2000 which was mocked so delightfully by Saturday Night Live. Republicans can only hope that she stores up some of those cackles and contemptuous antics for the general election.
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