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Re: Gang of 14

I must admit that I initially took Quin’s position. However, the anti-Gang of 14 position was based on the premise that the GOP Senators would in fact have stood tall and exercised the so called “nuclear option” to defend the President’s right to appoint and get an up or down vote on whichever qualified nominees he sent up. After watching that Senate in action and reflecting on matters I have come to conclude that they NEVER would have done it and the Gang of 14 was the very best that could have been obtained under the circumstances. It did get a batch of superb Circuit Court nominees through. James points to the added benefit now that the shoe may be on the other foot but because I have come to conclude that the Senate then constituted was incapable of carrying out their bluff I have to conclude the Gang of 14 made lemonade out of lemons.

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