Gay Activists: Be Tolerant. Or We Will Destroy You!

By on 4.4.14 | 6:11PM

We have made great strides in the policing of thought in this country. Just ask Brendan Eich, one of the founders of Mozilla, developers of the web browser Firefox. Eich had just landed a promotion to the big chair as Mozilla's CEO. He lasted all of nine days. The reason? Back in 2008 Eich donated a thousand dollars to support Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative to ban same-sex marriage. The unearthing of this donation led to protests from gay rights activists and the high profile call for a boycott of Firefox by dating site Eich, as many people in circumstances such as his, was stricken with the sudden desire to "spend more time with his family" and quietly resigned.

Another Perspective

The End of Jobs

By 10.25.13

In the early days of the Industrial Revolution a number of English textile workers saw their livelihoods replaced by automated machines. Faced with joblessness, poverty, and starvation the group, calling itself the Luddites, protested by writing ballads, broadsides and, most notoriously, by destroying a few automated textile looms.

Today, the Luddites are generally seen as wrong-headed and backward technophobes, when in fact they were not anti-technology, but, in the words of Ronnie Bray, “anti-starvation.” Suffice it to say, that had automation delivered on its promise to maintain or create jobs, at least in the short term, there would have been no Luddite backlash.

The Luddites are invoked each time some Cassandra questions the wisdom of the direction of our ongoing hi-tech revolution. Such revolutions, it is believed, are good for society and economies. The old jobs may be going away, but they will be replaced by new ones.

And, indeed, for decades, our leaders have been preaching new mostly minimum wage service sector openings, while we wait for something better to come along. 

Who Are the Best and Worst Tech Company Climate Change Fighters?

By on 4.22.11 | 9:16AM

It depends on which environoia group you ask, as I explain at the National and Legal Policy Center blog.

Car Guy

Who Throttled Toyota?

By 3.17.10

Drive-by-wire will drive you crazy -- if you own a Prius.

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Where the Blogs Have No Names

By 4.30.09

Anonymous political blogging has its pitfalls, but it is also an important form of free speech.

The Nation's Pulse

Down to a Science

By 3.30.09

Eleventh Hour is a new television drama with a surprisingly conservative take on bioethical issues.

The Nation's Pulse

Economic Minutemen

By 2.9.09

A new website is keeping watch on the stimulators.