Mainstream Media

Spinning the DC Weather

By on 1.28.10 | 12:41PM

The Washington Post's Juliet Eilperin (as usual) and David Fahrenthold have yet another story about a "study" published by an environmental pressure group -- this time the National Wildlife Federation -- that pushes, without critical comment, the climate catastrophism angle.

Return of Big Mouth Pat

By on 1.14.10 | 5:50PM

The media are to blame for the fanfare over Pat Robertson's foolish words about the Haiti tragedy, because they are the ones giving him attention as a legitimate leadership figure among Christians, which he's not.

Who’s Big Global Warming’s Daddy?

By on 12.10.09 | 10:54AM

USA Today's house editorial today bemoans the fact that Climategate "gives ammunitiion to the skeptics," but concludes that "the overwhelming scientific consensus remains that the Earth is warming, largely because of human activity, with potentially calamitous consequences involving melting ice caps, rising sea levels and shifting agricultural patterns."