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A Major Constitutional Coup Going On Here

By on 2.24.11 | 1:35PM

Re: Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder's "decision" that the "defense of marriage" act is not constitutional and that they will no longer defend it... Correct me if I am wrong, gentle readers, but under the Constitution, and early decisions by Justice Marshall's Court, doesn't the Supreme Court decide if a law is constitutional? I cannot recall a president making that decision by himself. I am all for gay men and women to have every right that I have. But isn't it a dangerous usurpation for the president to now take over the roles of the courts in their ultimate duty -- ruling on the constitutionality of laws? Isn't this about as dangerous an act as a president has ever done? Or am I missing something? Again, I love gay people and want them to be total equals of everyone else. But isn't there a major constitutional coup going on here?

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