Scott McKay

Scott McKay is publisher of the Hayride, which offers news and commentary on Louisiana and national politics.


Quid Pro Quo: A Staggering Example of Hillary Email Corruption


This column was intended to be a catalog of some of the latest WikiLeaks disclosures which show how thoroughly the political party currently in control of the White House (and likely to continue that control) has descended into a Third World level of corruption. And that catalog is on the way. But over the weekend, […]

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It’s All Broken


On Tuesday, the chief debate among Republicans was the level of responsibility borne by House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has endorsed GOP nominee Donald Trump and not rescinded the endorsement, for the video released Friday casting Trump in an incorrigibly bad personal light. In the hot-mic video from a 2005 episode of Access Hollywood, Trump […]

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The Kaine Scrutiny: A Special Report


For most of the country, Virginia Senator and Democrat vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine is known merely for a boring and inane convention speech and an obnoxious display — perhaps introducing kainus interruptus to the lexicon? — at Tuesday’s debate. But there is a lot more to Kaine. All of it is bad. He’s the worst […]

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It’s Taxing


Before diving into the meat of this column, a caveat — it may be that the leak of a 1995 Donald Trump tax return by the New York Times showing a loss of some $900 million or more, an amount which could have allowed the Republican presidential nominee to carry forward against taxable income for […]

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Five Things You Didn’t See in Monday’s Debate


This column isn’t a review of Monday’s debate. By now our readers all have their opinions of who won and who lost, what nefarious fixes were put in and what polls were spammed. Frankly, the debate was little more than a short-term boon to a cable news industry that is busily debauching itself in a […]

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Go Home


Interestingly, the Black Lives Matter movement managed to cook up a new cause célèbre less than two months prior to a presidential election where polls indicate Donald Trump might be sliding past the nation’s anointed Dowager Empress of Chappaqua (with proper hullabaloo due to my friend Michael Walsh of PJ Media fame). We now have […]

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A ‘Narrative War’?


A pair of items seemingly unrelated to one another popped onto the radar contemporaneously Sunday. Don’t be fooled —  they’re very much related. The first was a rather surprising result in a presidential poll of New Mexico, a state Democrats have carried in five of the last six presidential elections (George W. Bush won a […]

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The Left’s Wild Pitch


Can anybody here guess what the Guinness Book of World Records says is the fastest baseball pitch thrown by a woman? The answer: a mere 69 miles per hour, a feat accomplished by one Lauren Boden in 2013. How does a 69 mile-per-hour fastball compare to major league pitching? Well, the talented-but-troubled Aroldis Chapman, now […]

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UPDATE: She’s (Very) Sick


UPDATE (9.11.2016, 1:18 p.m.): Almost as if to spite her defenders who continue, in the style of Kevin Bacon in Animal House, to shout “Remain calm! All is well!” Sunday morning Clinton proceeded to faint at a 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York. Video taken at the scene shows Clinton propped against a traffic post along the curb […]

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The Social Justice Bench-Warmer


Ask yourself this — how much of the social-justice racket being run by Black Lives Matter, the gay mafia and the other activists among the identitarian Hard Left is little more than a mask for poor performance? After all, Black Lives Matter spends an inordinate amount of time and energy howling about the mistreatment of […]

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