Larry Thornberry

Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.


Read Your Way to Long Life?


A study conducted by the Yale University School of Public Health purports to show that readers of books live longer than non-readers. So perhaps I’m not as close to my final chapter as I had imagined. These study results are personally comforting as I spend a lot of time under the lamp (and not at […]

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This Is Earth, Calling Bob — Report in Please


The world’s newest Very Important Writer is MIA. The eccentrics at the Swedish Academy, who recently gave the world a world-class knee-slapper when it named Bob Dylan the Nobel Laureate in literature, can’t seem to find their new honoree. (That’s right. For all of you who were out of town for a long weekend. Bob Dylan. Literature […]

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WASHINGTON D.C. - AUGUST 28: Folk singers Joan Baez and Bob Dylan perform during a civil rights rally on August 28, 1963 in Washington D.C. (Photo by National Archive/Newsmakers)

Bob Dylan, Poet


News is out that Bob Dylan has been awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. That’s right. Don’t adjust your computer. Bob Dylan. Literature. No fooling. I’m not having you on. If I were going to make something up I’d come up with something more believable than this. Something is blowing in the wind in Stockholm. […]

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The Man So Beautifully Out of Step


All good things must come to an end. Even very good things that have been going on for an incomprehensively long time, like the broadcasting career of the marvelous Vin Scully. He had been making more than baseball out Dodgers games for so long that many imagined he was as permanent as the stars, and […]

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It’s a Start — Until the New York Times Starts Tebowing


Tim Tebow, playing in his first game for the New York Mets instructional league team Wednesday in Port St. Lucie, Florida, hit the first pitch he saw as a professional over the left center field fence for a home run. He cooled down quickly, finishing the afternoon against the St. Louis Cardinals instructional team at […]

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Will We Respect Ourselves in the Morning?


We know we shouldn’t look at road kill. But tonight, uncountable millions of Americanos will feel that good citizenship obligates them to. Or, as we shall see, will tune in to tonight’s forensic train wreck for less admirable reasons. It’s not that anyone needs to watch tonight’s “debate” to grasp the essential differences between Donald […]

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The Redhead’s Last Walk-Off  


Vin Scully’s last game at Dodger Stadium went about how you would expect. Just a walk-off win for the Dodgers to give the team a division title, and a love-fest for Scully. There was “Thank you Vin” gear all over the park. Dodgers players, young fellows totally focused on their game and about the last […]

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Jose Fernandez RIP


Miami Marlins pitching ace Jose Fernandez died last night in a boating accident off of Miami Beach. He was 24, an ebullient player, and a fan favorite in Miami. In his three years with the Marlins, Fernandez had established himself as one of the dominant pitchers in the game. This year he was 16-8 with a […]

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No Need to Change the Lock


I would have preferred it if all politicians had stayed clear of the celebration of Vin Scully at Dodger Stadium Friday night. But there was Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, horning in on and benefiting from the light cast by a man who could teach all politicians what real public service is about. At least […]

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The New Rules of Engagement


The Seattle Mariners have suspended utility player Steve Clevenger for the remainder of the baseball season for tweets that are critical of President Obama and the Black Lives Matter hell-raisers and looters in Charlotte. Clevenger’s tweets include such as “Black people beating whites when a thug got shot holding a gun by a black police […]

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