Larry Thornberry

Larry Thornberry is a writer in Tampa.


Billy-Bob Losing Arm Speed


As TAS regulars know, I can find a way to relate most things to baseball. No exception this morning. As fans of the Grand Old Game know, most pitchers lose arm-speed as they get older. At some point they no longer have the live fastball. (Nolan Ryan was a spectacular exception, bringing the heat until […]

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Rays Visit the Ravine 


For only the second time in franchise history, Tampa Bay’s Rays will visit Dodger Stadium. They’re in Tinsel Town for two games beginning tonight. The Rays’ season is beyond hope and prayer. They have an iron grip on last place in the AL East. So when action begins at 10:10 Right Coast Time, I’ll be […]

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About As Warm As An Ice Floe


By now, readers know that the Democratic Party has designated Debbie Wasserman Schultz for assignment after she finished dead last in the Miss Congeniality balloting. Other candidates included Lady Macbeth, chef Gordon Ramsey of “Kitchen Nightmares” fame, the ghost of Leona Helmsley, and two axe murderers. She was also dinged for putting her thumb on the […]

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Where Are the Vicious Animals?


With all the nation’s acute economic, cultural, and security problems, I hate to bring up yet another. But with the increasing number of sports teams throughout the republic, we’ll eventually have to face up to the acute shortage of vicious animals to name these teams after. Vintage franchises long ago scooped up kick-butt mascots such […]

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Just Show Us the Game


How does ESPN muck up the televising of baseball games? Let me count the ways. Not only does ESPN disfigure the game screen with that pointless strike zone box and those X marks at the spots where the pitch arrives, they also minimize the picture so they can interview people on various baseball subjects (and […]

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More Criminal News Judgment


The Tampa Bay Times — formerly the St. Petersburg Times — bills itself as FLORIDA’S BEST NEWSPAPER. You can’t miss it. It’s on the top banner of page 1A every day. A stranger to humility is our Times. What the Times actually is, its elephantine opinion of itself notwithstanding, is one of the most relentlessly leftist newspapers […]

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Criminal News Judgment


Watching on Fox the tragic news out of Baton Rouge. More cops ambushed and killed — seven shot, three dead at the moment. And this is not an important enough story for NBC, CBS, or ABC to break into regular programming. NBC and ABC give us golf. CBS is my favorite — an infomercial on some kind of lawn-trimming gizmo.

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The All-Star Game Break Blues and Masa-cree


This column is for baseball addicts. Readers who do not suffer from BWS — baseball withdrawal syndrome — during the doleful (for us) baseball All-Star Game break may move on to other of TAS’s fine offerings this morning. There may have been a time when players and fans cared who won baseball’s annual All-Star Game. Not […]

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Donald the Swinger


Some states you can put in the bank every fourth November. California for the Democrats, various states in Dixie for the GOP. This is what makes the so-called swing states so critical for any candidate who wishes to win the White House. These are politically competitive states with large numbers of electoral votes. Let’s pick […]

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Chickens Come Home to Roost Department


Before their Saturday night WNBA game at the Target Center in Minneapolis between the Minneapolis Lynx and the Dallas Wings, players held a news conference where they denounced police racism. They then wore Black Lives Matter warm-up jerseys during the pre-game. As a result, the four off-duty Minneapolis police officers hired to provide security for […]

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