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Wednesday Evening’s Gathering of Vultures
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If Tuesday’s installment of the Democratic presidential “debate” was dopey, featuring candidates discussing “dark psychic forces” while others claimed that unworkable environmental proposals could be paid for by merely raising taxes on a few Wall Street fat cats, Wednesday’s sequel was downright depressing. There was near unanimity among the candidates that the world will end by 2030 and that the U.S. is a racist, sexist hell-hole defined by injustice and cruelty. Despite a strong economy and low unemployment, they insisted Americans are hurting. And, 10 years after foisting Obamacare on us, they told us that our health care system must be fixed.

As is always the case among Democrats, the universally agreed-upon answer to all of our myriad ills was a package of hopelessly unserious schemes. All the voters were promised a guaranteed income. Blacks who have never been slaves were promised reparations paid for by people who have never owned slaves. Everyone was promised medical coverage from birth via single-payer health care. All foreign nationals were invited to migrate to the U.S. without the impediment of pesky immigration laws. Fossil fuels will be banished to outer darkness, as will that scourge of democracy: Donald Trump. What about the individual candidates? Read and weep:

Joe Biden: He did remain ambulatory and seemed more prepared for the inevitable attacks that all front-runners must endure. He did, however, exacerbate the impression that he may be too old for the job during his closing remarks, by telling his supporters they should “go to Joe 30330” and warning that we can’t afford another eight years of Donald Trump.

Kamala Harris: Despite a strong performance in the June debate, during which she attacking a rather befuddled Biden, she looked weaker this time. This was due to harsh criticism of her not-so-liberal prosecutorial record by Tulsi Gabbard. The two stood side by side on the stage and, for a moment, Harris looked like she might take a swing at Gabbard.

Cory Booker: This guy needs some traction, and he needs it now, so he gave Biden the Harris treatment. Booker went after Biden’s record of backing strong anti-crime bills (as if this were a bad thing) and accused the former VP of trying to have it both ways on his record in the Obama administration. But beating up seniors won’t get him the nomination.

Andrew Yang: This gentleman’s signature issue is his $1,000-per-month guaranteed income for every American, and it all but guarantees he will soon be conspicuous by his absence from future debate stages. He seems intelligent and affable, but his wacky giveaway scheme conjures up the worst liberal stereotype. He is, for all intents and purposes, a goner.

Tulsi Gabbard: Gabbard has served in the military, is a three-term congresswoman, and anyone who goes after Harris can’t be all bad. She also looks good (I guess that’s sexist) and sounds intelligent. But, being a Democrat, she has to say stupid things. Thus she called President Trump a “warmonger” and claimed he’s pushing us closer to nuclear conflict.

Jay Inslee: This character is the governor of Washington state, but may well have been the nuttiest candidate of the Wednesday night stage. He was the most strident about “global climate change,” and says things like “defeating the climate crisis is the top priority of the United States.” He sounds more like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez than a presidential candidate.

Michael Bennet: Like former Maryland Rep. John Delaney and Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan, Sen. Bennet is considerably more sensible than most of the Democrats running for president. He has repeatedly pointed out that empty promises like Medicare for All and the Green New Deal won’t beat President Trump. He’s too reasonable to last much longer.

Julián Castro: Unlike Beto O’Rourke, Castro is actually Hispanic. Interestingly, though he is for “decriminalizing” illegal immigration, he isn’t a full-throated open borders candidate. One gets the feeling that, like a lot of professional politicians, he never says anything he hasn’t thought about carefully. But it doesn’t matter. He will soon vanish from the debates.

Bill de Blasio: This clown needs to go back to the rat-infested city of which he is the alleged mayor. He is confident despite an utterly abysmal record in New York City. He talks when he should listen. He is hubristic when he should be humble. He has no chance of becoming president, and one can only hope he will soon stop stinking up the debate stage.

Kirsten Gillibrand: What the hell is this woman doing on a presidential debate stage? She is a classic example of what my grandmother meant when, in rare moments of sarcasm, she would say: “That young lady doesn’t have a thought in her head.” It is painful to listen to her talk about any serious subject. One hopes that she will quit sooner rather than later.

Like the Tuesday evening scrum, none of these people has a prayer of beating Donald Trump. And, for this, we can be thankful. Donald Trump has his share of faults, and more than one contributor to TAS has pointed them out. But, compared to the Democrats who would replace him, he looks like a combination of Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan. President Trump has been under assault by the Democrats, the media, and the deep state since the moment he announced his intention to run for president. Despite their best efforts, however, he has done a lot of good for the country. As a recovering Trump skeptic, I’m positive that not one of the current Democratic presidential candidates is qualified to hold President Trump’s coat.

David Catron
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David Catron is a recovering health care consultant and frequent contributor to The American Spectator. You can follow him on Twitter at @Catronicus.
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