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Weather is Not Climate, Except When It Is

Just ask global-warming-no-matter-what reporter Bill Blakemore of ABC News, who says all us chilly folks are not suffering because the warming’s gone away:

No, the cold snap in some parts of the northern hemisphere (New York, Florida, Beijing, Northern India, Europe) does not mean that manmade global warming is not happening, or even that it’s happening just a little less….

Weather is short-term and local — say, the next five or 10 days in the Tri-State Area.

Climate is long-term and regional (or bigger) — say, the average over the next 20 years in the American Northeast.

But as Newsbusters noted back in June 2006, Blakemore was more than willing to explain how the weather at the time was evidence of global warming, in a discussion with ABC colleague Bill Weir:

Weir: A new National Academy of Science study says the Earth is hotter now than ever and humans are to blame….

Blakemore: The study reconfirms what scientists have been warning about: man-made global warming is real and underway. Americans can see effects right now out the kitchen window: five inches of rain in five hours in Toledo, Thursday. Downpours so sudden and massive.

Man on the street: It’s the watching your headlights go underwater is the signal that you’re in trouble.

Blakemore: This on top of the great downpours causing havoc in Houston this week and in the Northeast the spring. All fit exactly the weather patterns predicted for years by scientists warning us about effects of global warming. More frequent extreme weather they said, including heavier downpours.

But that snowstorm in Houston in early December 2009? Of course — evidence of global warming too!

Get it through your thick heads, people. Everything points to global warming. Hot weather, rainy weather, stormy weather, drought, hurricanes, tornadoes — are all evidence of global warming. Cold weather is not evidence of global warming because it’s just “weather,” not climate. Unless the cold weather has “extremes,” like heavy snow or blizzards — then it’s an extreme weather event that has intensified because of the effects of global warming.

Thank God for brilliantly logical reporters like Bill Blakemore.

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