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Washington Post: Judeo-Christian Ethic Is a ‘Problem’ to Be Solved

A Washington Post article this morning about openly gay military service inadvertently reveals the intellectual intolerance and closed-mindedness of the Left. The article also exposes the Left’s true agenda, which is to stamp out real diversity and to force everyone to submit to its “progressive” agenda.

Think I’m exaggerating? Think again. The Post’s article is entitled, “The few. The proud. The problem: Can the Corps’ warrior ethos accept openly gay Marines?”

The article is written by an openly gay female instructor, Tammy S. Schultz, at the U.S. Marine Corps War College in Quantico, Virginia. The article is sympathetic to the Marines, but assumes that the Marines’ opposition to open homosexuality within the ranks is a problem to be solved rather than a virtue to be embraced.

But what Schultz calls a problem is, in fact, the Judeo-Christian ethic and martial code which underlies Western civilization. Same-sex sexual attraction and allure is simply incompatible with this code. It undermines good order and discipline within the ranks; and it destroys the esprit de corps necessary for male bonding and unit cohesion.

This doesn’t mean that gay men and women can’t serve in the U.S. military, because they can and do serve now, albeit discreetly and not openly.

But that’s not good enough for our ruling class elites and pop culture denizens. No, they demand that homosexuals be granted a special legal status which puts the full force of the law — the full power of the state — behind their preferred sexual dynamic.

In practice, this means that the rights of cultural traditionalists and religious believers will be infringed upon and, ultimately, stamped out altogether. After all, as the Washington Post explains, everyone must be forced to “accept” the new orthodoxy. Everyone must submit to the Left’s superior Rousseauian will.

Unfortunately, our ruling class elites and pop culture denizens are determined to force the U.S. military to accept open homosexuality within the ranks. They feel that history is on their side; and that it is only a matter of time before the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” compromise is ushered into the ashbin of history.

They may be right.

That is why I have urged policymakers to consider first a new compromise measure that would give the Left what it wants (openly gay military service) while simultaneously preserving and protecting the rights of cultural traditionalists and religious believers.

This new compromise measure would exempt the Marines from any requirement to mandate open homosexuality within the ranks. In this way, cultural traditionalists and religious believers would have at least one military service, the Marine Corps, that champions their values.

The Left, too, would have military services that champion its values. And then we can witness a healthy and instructive competition about whose values and traditions are better, more compelling and more efficacious.

Gay men and women could serve openly, just not in the Marine Corps. And we’ll see whether this gives the Marines any kind of edge — in recruiting, retention and military effectiveness.

If the Left truly believes that it is on the right side of history, and that most people embrace its values, then it should welcome and not fear this competition. But in truth, the Left knows that it is ultimately on the wrong side of history; and that most people shun its values.

Similarly, if the Left really believes in diversity, then it will welcome and accept this compromise. But in truth, the Left doesn’t believe in diversity; it believes in uniformity and in enforced compliance and acceptance.

Of course, we conservatives already know that the Left is closed-minded, dogmatic and intolerant; but not so most ordinary Americans who are uninvolved in politics and public policy.

That’s why, before surrendering to the Left on this key issue, conservatives first should call the Left’s bluff and insist upon true diversity. Exempt the Marines from the demands of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered agenda and let a thousand flowers bloom.

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