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Walter Russell Mead on Reckless Endangerment

At his blog Via Meadia, Walter Russell Mead suggests that Gretchen Morgenson and Joshua Rosner’s new book on the financial crisis, Reckless Endangerment, could…end the Democratic Party as we know it:

If Morgenstern [sic] and Rosner are to be believed, the American dream didn’t die of old age; it was murdered and most of the fingerprints on the corpse come from Democratic insiders.  Democratic power brokers stoked the housing bubble and turned a blind eye to the increasingly rampant corruption and incompetence at Fannie Mae and the associated predatory lenders who sheltered under its umbrella; core Democratic ideas may well be at fault.

This is catnip to Republicans, arsenic to Dems.  If Morgenson and Rosner are right, there is someone the American people can blame for our current economic woes and it is exactly the cast of characters that a lot of Americans love to hate.  Big government, affirmative action and influence peddling among Democratic insiders came within inches of smashing the US economy.

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