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Vote Every Single Democrat Out in November

No one in their right mind would trust Joe Biden to water their plants, mow the lawn, cook dinner, or walk their dog, let alone serve in the highest office of the land. Yet somehow this is the situation we find ourselves in for at least another few years, unless of course his health warrants his removal before January 2025.

If it was not already painstakingly obvious by now, the only accomplishment of the frail, weak, useless, embarrassing, pathetic, and cognitively impaired buffoon we currently have in the White House is the deliberate and intentional destruction of America.

But do not despair, the midterms are coming. This November, it is time to vote every single last Democrat out of office. The choice really should not be all that difficult.

Let’s review what the Democrat Party stands for today.

The Democrat Party supports open borders, crime, lawlessness, and the willful desecration of our urban cities. They encourage the homeless to build encampments that take up entire city blocks, while allowing violent mentally ill people to terrorize civilians. (READ MORE from David Keltz: Democrats Are Responsible for the War on Cops)

Democrats do not care how many murderers, rapists, drug dealers, human traffickers, and COVID-infected illegal migrants we allow to pour into our country. They do not care about the safety and well-being of those who already live here. They only care about expanding their rapidly deteriorating base. As an aside, I wouldn’t be so certain that every illegal citizen will vote Democrat either.

The Democrat Party wants everyone to be poorer, dumber, more illiterate, less self-reliant, and more dependent on their destructive, dangerous, and horrendous policies.

The Democrat Party supports radical Marxist anti-American activists indoctrinating our students with divisive, destructive, false, and historically nonexistent teachings of something called critical race theory — which is not even a theory, just a flat-out lie. Is there anything more sinister than corrupting our youth and forcing them to come to incorrect conclusions about the founding of the greatest system of government ever devised in human history?

The Democrat Party has no problem destroying children’s futures, crushing their athletic dreams, and making them wear filthy, disgusting masks in schools, even when the science tells us that COVID is not a risk to most children, and cloth masks do absolutely nothing to prevent the spread of COVID anyway.

The Democrat Party does not give a damn about the Constitution, the First Amendment, or the Second Amendment.

They along with their legacy media and Big Tech accomplices are happy to attempt to destroy the careers of insanely successful figures like Joe Rogan if they do not parrot made-up, unscientific, and politicized COVID talking points that were invented by the self-serving and corrupt Dr. Fauci and the politically motivated CDC.

The Democrat Party favors taxing the hell out of the wealthy, destroying free market competition, dismantling private enterprise, and crushing capitalism. What could be more nefarious than making our country poorer and lowering the standard of living?

The sanctimonious Democrats always love to speak about “income inequality” as if the wealthy and the poor are somehow always interchangeable. For some reason, they never seem to factor in that capitalism has lifted hundreds of millions of Americans out of poverty and into the upper echelons of society. But according to Democrats, those who grew up poor and managed to create wealth are now suddenly demonstrably evil, solely because of how much capital is currently in their bank account. Of course no one ever pretended that the Democrat Party had one ounce of logic, integrity, or facts to back up any of their drivel.

Just listen to AOC. She’s as dumb as the sun is bright.

The Democrat Party has no problem with radical and violent anarchists torching, looting, and burning down storefronts so long as the protesters are fighting for their divisive and immoral causes. Want to peacefully assemble to fight for the life of an unborn child? “Shut up, you sexist,” they cry. Want to protest the government shutting down your restaurant and making people eat in the freezing cold? “Keep quiet, you dolt, you’ll kill Grandma,” they howl. Tired of being forced to wear a mask and take an experimental vaccine in order to do your job as a trucker? “Deal with it, you fascist neo-Nazi,” they sneer.

Want to denounce all cops as systemically racist while burning down businesses and killing people along the way? “Do it, or we will take your silence as an act of violence,” they shout. Want to fight climate change? You better start driving an electric vehicle, and eating plant-based burgers now! Want to fight for the right to kill babies? How righteous.

The Democrat Party wants everyone to be poorer, dumber, more illiterate, less self-reliant, and more dependent on their destructive, dangerous, and horrendous policies.

The Democrat Party is like an abusive orphanage that never lets anyone leave and wants to own, control, and humiliate you forever.

They have no credibility left, and no shoulder to lean on. We are done with their COVID fear porn. We are done with their suppression of free speech and canceling. We are done with their inflationary spending. We are done dealing in lies and hatred. We are done letting them run all over us.

This November, let us begin the extermination of the Democrat Party.

It is time to ensure that we never again have to see Nancy Pelosi give us a tour of her favorite $13-a-pint ice cream flavors, or kneel in the Capitol Rotunda, while draped in kente cloth to honor a career criminal.

Let us make the last two years of sleepy Joe’s presidency an absolute living hell.

If we take back the House and the Senate, America and the world will be better for it. We will never be defeated, because we are too strong and too plentiful.

We will prevail.

David Keltz is the author of The Campaign of His Life and Media Bias in the Trump Presidency and the Extinction of the Conservative Millennial. His writing has been published in The American Spectator, the Federalist, American Greatness, RealClearPolitics, the American Thinker, and the New York Daily News, among others. Follow him on Twitter @David_Keltz.

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