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Utterly Evil and Very Smart

Easter Sunday
So, where do we begin? In the early 1970s we had the Shah of Shahs running Iran. He was our pal. The Nixon and Ford administrations supported him. Then came the worst President in the history of the country, Jimmy Carter. Obama is like Lincoln compared with Carter. He encouraged Ruhollah Khomeini and the radical Islamists. He threw our dear pal, the Shah, under the bus. He would not even allow the man to come to the U.S. for cancer treatments after he was deposed until all hope was lost.

We basically knocked down the barricades that had kept the Islamists in exile. How did Khomeini thank us?

Against every possible international precedent, his thugs seized the U.S. Embassy and its personnel. The Americans were kept imprisoned, often blindfolded, for 444 days. That was what Khomeini thought of the appeasing Jimmy Carter.

Only as Ronald Reagan was being sworn in did Khomeini release the hostages. That was what the Islamists thought of strength à la Reagan.

We paid the Iranians back but good by encouraging our new best friend, Saddam Hussein, to invade Iran. The Russians gave him arms. We gave Hussein satellite imagery. Didn’t matter. The incredibly brave Islamists marched barefoot across minefields to show their love of their Allah. The war was stalemated. Iraq showed its gratitude to us by invading and seizing Kuwait. Hey, it’s the Middle East, Jake.

We, with the mighty military built up by Reagan, deployed by Bush 41, and paid for by the Kuwaitis, routed Hussein.

Meanwhile, earlier, Iran blew up the Marine barracks in Beirut, killing over 200 U.S. Marines. It helped the Hezbollah to wage terror attacks against Israel. In violation of every possible law of humane and lawful conduct, Iran suborned the secret police of Argentina and blew up the Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, killing about 80 Jews.

For decades, Iran was the world’s leading state sponsor of terror. We said so year after year.

When the young people of Iran demonstrated peacefully for reform about four years ago, the Mullahs shot them down in the street. Mr. Barack Hussein Obama did not protest one bit.

From long before the seizure of power by the Islamists of Iran, they had said they had as their chief goals the annihilation of Israel and of every Jew on the planet (even Hitler never planned to come to the USA to kill the Jews here, as far as I know), the annihilation of “The Great Satan,” western mass culture and the America that created it, and the creation of a Muslim world run by strict Muslim principles.

Even now, right now, April 5, 2015, the top Iranian bosses end every public utterance by saying, “Death to Israel! Death to America.” The nation of Iran is a stone age police state with the most barbaric punishments meted out for trivial “offenses.” Women are executed for even the suspicion of adultery.

The most petty thefts are punished with hand amputation. That is the Iran we are trusting with Israel’s survival and our own. Utterly evil and very smart.

So… let’s go on. Iran started work on a nuclear bomb decades ago. The U.S. kept saying we were going to stop them. Of course, we never did. We would not help Israel do it with intelligence or overflight over Iraq for Israel to bomb the nuclear sites. That was Bush 43’s sin.

Meanwhile, we cheer on the complete fraud known as “Arab Spring.” This Obama encouragement led to the utter demolition of Libya, the partial destruction of Tunisia, the destruction of Yemen, as strong man politics was replaced by Islamist mass murderers. We came close to losing Egypt and only the generals saved us. And, of course, we let all of the demons of hell out to howl and murder by a total misunderstanding of Iraq and turning that dictatorship into actual chaos. Saddam Hussein was infinitely preferable to what has followed him. If worse intelligence ever came out of the CIA than to encourage the destruction of the Baathist regime, well, never mind on that one because there have been so many beauties.…

So, now Mr. Obama, to be fair to him, confronts a situation he did not make. It is a hellishly difficult multi-layered problem.

Mr. Obama, by nature alternately spiteful like a jilted high school girl and terrified like a cornered animal, but a spectacular speaker, faces a self-confident, dynamic Iran on the march. The Iranians are fantastically smart, courageous, do not even know what the word “truth” means, and are on the move literally everywhere, even in South America. The most fiendish people on the planet face the weakest President since Carter. Thank God they also have to consider a GOP Congress.

So, what does Mr. Obama do? Frankly, I don’t know. The Iranians will — in my mind — nuke Israel as soon as they possibly can. They don’t care if an Israeli cruise missile destroys Tehran. They welcome martyrdom. The Iranians will bomb Europe. After all, once Iran has the bomb and can buy the rockets from North Korea, Paris is not a long trip. New York and Chicago are next. Like Der Führer, the Islamists have not been shy about saying what they want out of the future.

Based on a reading of history, Iran cannot be trusted, wants to kill as many infidels as possible, and is extremely competent in warfare.

Here is my humble thought and I hope and pray I am wrong.

If we do not bomb Fordo and wherever else we can right now, we are going to regret it on a scale that is unimaginable. We still have the means to make life so difficult for Iran’s nuke makers that their efforts will be stopped indefinitely. We can still take the tough stand. (But I could be wrong about that whole scenario.)

But what comes after that? Again, a genuinely great man, Ronald Reagan, comes to mind.

It is time for a crash program to build an anti-missile defense. The technology exists. It has been proven. It must be advanced, must be manufactured, must be deployed — and right now. Only a robust defense is any defense at all. What possible reason is there not to build it? No matter what it costs, it’s worth it to save America and freedom on this earth. The real litmus test of how sensible people are is whether they want an anti-missile defense.

At the same time, we must build up our Air Force and our Navy and Marines and Army to be able to keep Iran suppressed. The Mullahs should know that their country will just be one immense glass parking lot if they attack anywhere with nuclear weapons. Giant steps. Mr. Obama will never take them. Lindsey Graham would. He is our salvation.

Okay, enough about that.

I am old anyway and I believe in God’s heaven so I am prepared. But maybe there is another step… for Israel to build a doomsday device. But maybe that’s too scary. I wonder if they already have one.…

The Iranians say Israel’s destruction is non-negotiable. The Israelis say their survival is non-negotiable. I doubt I will live to see the outcome.

Anyway, Alex and I arrived here in the desert Friday. Traffic was hellish. We had Seder at our club. Then, today, we had Easter brunch. It was truly fabulous. Kind, cheerful people, great food, incredibly tasty desserts.

Long nap, then a recovery program. I am still in shock because at about 2 a.m. last night I discovered a light brown spider about as wide in span as my fist on my bedroom wall. I killed it with Raid, but now my room smells of Raid. It was creepy. Someone once told me Raid was similar to Zyklon B. I wonder if that’s true. Spiders are scary. I know that’s true. Big spiders are extremely scary.

I spend a lot of time watching COPS and Lockup. There is a genuine rebellion of criminals going on in America. Thank God for the police. They go to war for us every single day. God bless them.

Above all, thank you God for Alex.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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