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So the UN is upset that they’ve been unable to leverage the series of global crises they’ve touted — prelude to ‘global problems require global solutions…which requires global governance…hey, that’s us!’ — and think they see opportunity. Read the language, aspirations, and vision for solving their ConUNdrum. h/t FoxNews.

Gee, I wonder why they see opportunity.

Speaking of US politics and the White House, as I may have mentioned in this space, there are plans underway for a “binding” treaty on “sustainability”. I was passed an internal memo from a European negotiator and, sure enough, some are even calling it a “green jobs” treaty. You see, this is how we get out of the mess we’re in that was clearly caused by too little governance. It was capitalism. Yeah, that’s it. A cure for which the UN has long offered in its “Global Compact” (an aide to the SecGen who was not actually happy about this told a colleague of mine, nearly a decade ago, their aim was to get rid of capitalism; as always, with useful idiots).

This is to be sprung on us a few weeks before the World Environment Summit in Rio, Spring of…wait for it…2012. The confab is called “Rio Plus 20” (see below). It is to be the birthplace of Kyoto II and other such delights.

Understand that it is widely accepted in global governance circles that the global political dynamic was changed for the better, and global governance greatly advanced, as a result of the impeccable timing and spectacle of the Rio “Earth Summit” in 1992, with a young bootlick from Tennesse damending to know “where’s George” (I detailed the mess, here. For an even more amusing take, see P.J. O’Rourke’s experience in Rio documented here).

You’ll note right up front and throughout the document that it is on the basis of those environmental calamities, always just over the horizon — except when countries with too little capitalism actually do create them, not globally but for their own suffering people (the sound you hear is greens’ heads exploding) — that the UN sees its ride to their version of Utopia.

President George H.W. Bush really messed things up in 1992, and we have Kyoto to show for it, as I chronicle in the Politically Incorrect Guide to Global Warming and Environmentalism. The good news is that a Republican will not have the chance to so directly do so again in 2012. But there will be a full-throated campaign for the White House underway and competition to be the veep nominee. Swooning over the agenda got Gore the gig in ’92. Tim Pawlenty, call your office…

UPDATE: Corerection made to conflation of Kyoto COP-17 in Jo-burgh, 2011 and Rio, now openly discussed as the certain birthplace of Kyoto II (despite all sorts of claims that it would, because it had to, be attained in Copenhagen 2009, Cancun 2010, Jo-burgh 2011). So many global governance confabs to keep straight.

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