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Twenty-Five Democrat Hopefuls … and Then There Was One 
Morning Joe Biden (YouTube screenshot)

Tara Reade’s charge of rape against Biden has, in the immortal words of Henry Kissinger, “the odious smell of truth” about it. Sniff this:

Biden is going to the gym. Apparently he doesn’t keep his workout gear in his locker. And apparently he has forgotten to bring his gear with him to the gym. So he calls his office to have it brought to him — because that is what Senate staffers are paid by the taxpayers to do, right? Who does he call to set this smelly business in motion? Isn’t that one of the questions an investigation would have to pursue?

According to Ms. Reade, while the senator was wrestling his hand into her panties he said, “C’mon, man, I heard you liked me.” Does that sound like made-up dialogue to anyone? If the answer is no, as it should be, the next question is: Who told Biden that Ms. Reade “liked” him? Couldn’t have been the person who dispatched young Ms. Reade to deliver Mr. Biden’s gym bag, could it? Or was more than one Biden staffer in on the joke?

Why would a young female staffer be sent to deliver a gym bag to somebody in, or in the vicinity of, the men’s gym? Biden’s office was in the Dirksen Senate Office Building. The men’s gym was in the Russell Senate Office Building. The incident Biden doesn’t want to talk about happened in a deserted hallway of the Russell Senate Office Building. As Ms. Reade recounts, as Biden pressed her against a wall, he asked her if she wanted to “go somewhere.” Does this sound like made-up dialogue to anyone? Or does it ring with the pellucid authority of truth?

So, again, who in Biden’s office sent Ms. Reade to her date with destiny? Nobody who was on Biden’s staff when this happened “remembers” anything about it; all who might be in a position to know deny it ever happened. OK, if they don’t remember this happening, perhaps they remember why Ms. Reade was forced to leave Biden’s office soon after the event? Somebody could at least speak to that, no? Too blinded by hatred of the incumbent president? Too deaf to plausibility to imagine one’s own integrity on the line? Too dumb to realize their own behinds are likely to be pulled into this before it’s over?

I’ve been in every train wreck in Washington from Watergate to Iran–Contra, and I know how far the slop flies before these things get concluded. Little lambs, don’t believe Biden’s enablers when they tell you everything will be all right as long as everybody sticks together and keeps their mouths shut.

Biden’s enablers, including the custodians of his public papers, refuse to open the files that may contain corroborating evidence of Ms. Reade’s veracity versus Mr. Biden’s. Start with Biden’s former staffers, proceed to the cover-up crew sitting on his papers at the University of Delaware, and jump from there to the members of the media who are granted access to him, and who carefully avoid asking him about Ms. Reade’s creditable claim that he raped her. Is that a condition of being granted access to Biden? Or do you have to be a demented conspiratorialist to discern “the odious smell of truth” about the matter?

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