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Gifts to Improve You

Four more days and it will be 2021. Calendars are only ways of keeping track of tennis dates, but still you feel a new year means a new chance for making yourself better and public affairs more civil.

Surely we can all become virtuous and conduct our public affairs in a spirit of unity and fair attention to the welfare of the Republic.

Stop dreaming. How much difference will it make to the cost of pizza if there is a majority of this party or the other one in the Congress? And plus, will eating more pizza make me a better tennis player?

But the bleak thoughts vanished as I anticipated the four calling birds and the five golden rings my true love is scheduled to give to me, according to “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” The birds will harken joy and the return of spring, and rings fill my head with poems and romantic notions. Oh, we shall be happy, she and I.

And there is more: four birds, four gospels, five rings, five books of Moses, Torah. Forever gifts, whereas new racquet strings soon will break.

Sure, you should work long and hard on the old backhand, and sweat to make your business better, too. Yet I rejoice my true love would be so generous and giving, to bring me truths that truly matter.

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