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Trump’s First 100 Days: A Spiritual Triumph

Since the media and the left (and yes, I’m keenly aware that they are one and the same) are showcasing the spiritual significance of the President’s first 100 days, of course they want to play up his successes — and of course I kid. They aren’t just shredding his first 100 days in order to destroy him; they are doing this to destroy you too, your decisions, your choices, and your social standing. They are the drug dealer telling the newly sober addict they have a fresh supply. Just come back, the first hit is always free.

The cattle call of the newly sober is often “it was better over there.” I’m still broke, my life is still a mess, I can’t get the girl. The line between staying sober and relapse is precarious at best. Often, many relapse because it was indeed “better” over there. Hopefully, the newcomer will share these thoughts with his sponsors, and one of them will ask him exactly how it was better. Or, the sponsor might console him and remind him it’s only been 100 days.

Rationally, and I know rational is so difficult right now, but in your heart, and God knows after how many years of abuse and dereliction, can a bad state be cured in 100 days? If the sponsor is a really good sponsor he will make you take out a sheet of paper and write a gratitude list of what you have now, as compared to then, and how bad life actually was then. So let’s put “pen to paper” and think of me as your Trump-like sponsor.

Did you feel suffocated, with the feelings that your First Amendment rights were being vanquished and expelled? That anything you said would be held against you, in a court of left law? That a mere question would land you in left “jail”? From climate change to body change, it didn’t just become nondebatable but allowed no questioning either. And if you dared to question, you weren’t just rebuked, you were labeled. The desperation and isolation you felt, while sitting in your homes reading your Facebook feeds, made you concede it would be so much easier to “think” like them. Yes, acceptance is the “drug” of the masses.

Were you better off with eight judges, and one who was about to be nominated, who was in the “middle”? Did you feel any safer, as you put your children to bed, just knowing that speech is just the first thing they will come after? Did you feel safer with a government that looked at the weather as a bigger risk to you than terrorists and gangs? Did you feel more at ease with a treaty that was about to be signed that was a sweet treat to other countries but would leave you bitter and starving? Did you find it more tranquil in a world where our allies were treated as enemies, and our real enemies were regarded as just misunderstood?

It is 100 days, or as the left calls it the beginning of partial birth. Yes, the wall isn’t being built “yet,” and Obamacare hasn’t been repealed. Remember, you aren’t the only newly sober ones. You have more than half of the Republican House and Senate, who are newly sober and detoxing like you. People, who are so scared of change, and their own shadows, that they would need a map to get out of their own way. Yes, we all want more. We have the Congress, the Senate, and the President’s promises, and, yes, you deserve more, but more takes time.

Let’s look at what you have gotten in the first 100 days of your Trump Sobriety. Are you worried about your Second Amendment rights right now? Do you feel alone and isolated? Aren’t you feeling a little stronger, and a little more empowered? Not with those racist phobic ideologies that the left likes to impose on you, but rather with your voices, and with your votes. While your freedom of speech is still under massive attack, don’t you feel that the real “resistance” is gaining ground against the leftist suppressors of free speech? The only thing Berkeley won this week is rights to the next Woodstock, and while we apparently don’t have the federal courts, we do have the Supreme Court.

Has it been perfect? No, but as I have been taught, it’s “progress, not perfection.” Let’s be grateful, raise our hands as Trumpcomers, and take our chips. I know it’s still very shaky, but that’s mostly the effects of the detox. Yes, while it may seem easier to take a sip of the leftist’s juice, let’s commit to the next hundred days. As they say, “the misery is refundable.”

Media, the left, you want to know the spiritual significance of the first hundred days? You have shown yourselves to all who you truly are. As they often say to the newly sober person, if you didn’t take a drink or a drug today you are a miracle. And if all President Trump did right so far was to expose you, his first hundred days were a spiritual success.


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