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Trump Trumps Hate

For the past seven, and almost done eight years, we have been mocked, shamed and trolled, and that’s just by the President. We have been told we are racists for not agreeing, homophobes for asking. We have been assaulted on every form of media from old to new. My friends on the left, you think you are scared today? For a moment have you ever thought about us on the other side? You think we enjoyed being called racists for eight years because we disagreed with your superman. Do you think parents who questioned bathroom laws, simply questioned not decided, enjoyed being called transphobic for mere questioning? For a moment have you pondered this? Obviously not, because had you done so, you just might not have lost this election.

So you’ve taught your kids to call people names who disagree with you, but it’s okay because the names you call them are in the dictionary. You’ve taught your kids that anyone with an opposing view should be fearful of losing work or relationships. How has this not been hate, how indeed? You’ve taught your kids it’s okay to call a man a Nazi whose grandchildren, daughter, and son-in law are all Jews? That’s OK with you? How is it OK with you because 99 percent of your Facebook page liked what you wrote, or you got re-tweeted? You’re worried about how your children will react to a President Trump — maybe you should be asking yourselves how they react to you.

You are so worried about the messages your children will receive from the President, how about checking yourselves and reviewing the rhetoric they are receiving from you. Are you okay with the language of the protesters? Of course you are. Are you okay with people burning the American flag? Quite obviously. You don’t think your children see your Facebook posts, and the anger and venom with which they are laced? How could they not? It’s their phones and other devices that are teaching them, not you. But I guess since you want government to do everything else for you, why not just have them raise your kids at the same time.

Hell of a message to teach your kids: If your chosen one loses, flee the country. How about instead of fleeing the country, you take your precious children around the country. I know this would require movement and actually going somewhere with your family, but give it a shot. Take them to the shutdown factories; show them the towns that have been devastated and the families that are struggling. They are not faced with deciding which cell phone they will buy; they are struggling with what they will eat next because they have no damn job and no damn money. In L.A. we have star tours; maybe we should create the dilapidated tours. That’s where you can show your children how the other half live. Well, you actually won’t be showing them since you are too blind to see the devastation, but maybe the dilapidated tour bus driver who now has a job can instill the values that you don’t appreciate. Leave this country if your candidate loses, that’s a pathetic creed.

In a country priding itself internationally on being a true democracy, you cannot accept majority rule. You have gloated and been petulant children, but I guess that symbolizes the message you have been taught and so eagerly learned in the last eight years by the teacher you have mirrored. For every victory you did a touchdown celebration, and called for an encore; you didn’t just rub it in your fellow Americans faces you literally put their faces in the mud and sat on their heads. So as they say, payback is a “you know what”; but you know what, I’m not going to do that, because that’s a message I don’t want your children to learn. You want your children to learn a message, and here is a novel idea, teach them one.

I didn’t hate you like you hate me right now. I understood why you voted for our current President. I didn’t agree with it, but I understood. I know asking this in return is out of the question because you are just so open-minded. The message you people on the left will never learn is that most of us are in the middle. However, when pushed and prodded, as the cattle you have treated us like, people will always go right because it’s just right. Hey, if Republicans aren’t careful right now, and they act as you have acted, you will have nothing to worry about. The pendulum will just swing back in your favor. Obviously I hope we learn from your mistakes and the countless ones that we have made in the past. So you say love trumps hate, we now say Trump trumps hate.

I’m going to learn from you folks on the left, I’m not going to gloat or say I told you so. I’m going to say I’m sorry, if this election offended you in any way. I’m sorry, if the fact that we believe and think differently offends you, I’m sorry. And by the way, when you say love trumps hate, hatefully, that’s not exactly love. If you actually opened your eyes, and looked and listened, you just might find that you have more in common with Trump supporters than you think. Sure there are profound ideological and philosophical differences, welcome to AMERICA. Even if you can’t summon your better self to think that you have anything in common, I have one for you: We are all Americans. May this next eight years be better than the last, for all of us.

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