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Triggered: Don Trump Jr. Resists the Resistance
Donald Trump Jr. at a Keep America Great rally on September 9 (Jackson A. Lanier/Creative Commons)

If there is anybody in America who has a right to stand up and say “Enough!,” it would be Don Trump Jr.

Day after day after day the Never Trump/Anti-Trump “Resistance” — which has been plotting an impeachment coup against President Donald Trump, Don’s father, from the moment the election results were in — has directed an all-out assault not only at President Trump himself but also at his family, his friends, and his supporters.

This has become a battle royal for the soul of America, and other than the president himself no one has been targeted more than Don Trump Jr. and his siblings.

But in the fight-back style of his father, Don has written a book that throws down the gauntlet. Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us could not arrive at a better moment — just as the Schiff Schampeachment coup hearings open in the House.

With his customary sense of humor intact, Don opens this way:

I’m not mad.

Look, everybody is called a traitor once or twice in their lives, right? Everybody gets falsely accused and wrongly investigated by the FBI and has to testify in front of Congress for over thirty hours, answering the same stupid politically motivated questions over and over again, don’t they? And, everybody has an army of social justice warriors combing through every word they’ve ever said online to find something to be offended by, correct?

Yet Don’s humor aside, this could not possibly be more serious, as he has come to understand with millions of his fellow Americans. So he made the decision to devote this book to take Americans

on a tour of the all the craziest, most destructive ideas that the left has come up with in a decade or more.

And what a tour it is. He begins by pointing out the obvious hard reality:

Things have gotten way out of control in this country. We’ve elected socialists to our Congress, allowed anti-Semitism to run rampant throughout our government, and allowed our most important media institutions to be run by angry mobs and leftist activist “journalists” on Twitter. Worst of all, we have completely ceded control of what we can and cannot say in public to the left, who are just a bunch of oversensitive babies who find everything offensive.

Among the points Don goes on to make:

The two-year build-up to the Mueller report collapsed when the one-time FBI director and Marine hero testified in a sadly stumbling performance before Congress. The hard realization dawned that Americans suddenly “realized he was nothing more than a pawn for the leftists running the show — an empty suit to fit their narrative and nothing more.” Mueller, he correctly points out, was the “author” of his report in name only, completely unable to remember “key figures in the report and dates that anyone who’d even been following the story on Twitter would have known.”

The “starting point of this lunacy,” Don correctly puts at

the night of the 2016 election, right around the hours of midnight to six o’clock in the morning, when the craziest wing of the American left finally lost its mind for good.…

It was in those few hours, right after the networks finally called the presidential election, that the liberal press and the Clinton camp first started groping around for anything that would explain their loss.

This was in fact a startling sight to behold. Gone was the idea of the all-American gracious concession speech to the winner. This was not to be 1960, where then-Vice President Richard Nixon emerged after a very close lost to then-Sen. John F. Kennedy to say that

while there are still some results still to come in, if the present trend continues, Mr. Kennedy, Senator Kennedy, will be the next president of the United States. I want, I want Senator Kennedy to know, and I want all of you to know, that certainly if this trend does continue, and he does become our next president, that he will have my wholehearted support and yours too.

Nope. What the losers decided to do was immediately concoct “the Russian spy story and started pushing it to every devastated reporter who would listen.”

I recall vividly being on the set of CNN before the election and being told that Donald Trump wasn’t going to abide by the election results and this was un-American. Don correctly notes that it was the New York Times and the Washington Post running alarmed articles “warning about the chaos that was about to ensue” when his father lost.

Then, lo and behold, as Don points out, when his father won — it was the defeated Left that rioted in the streets, refused to accept the election results, cooked up the Russian-spy story, formed the so-called “Resistance” and worse. That worse?

The same party that used to preach peace, tolerance, and inclusivity … has now become the party of hate, violence, and suppression of free speech.


Appallingly, as this hate metastasized, Don went suddenly from being just the candidate’s son to becoming “the guy who receives the second-highest number of death threats in the country,” according to the Secret Service. Only his father gets more. At one point he was sent an exploding letter of white powder that sent his then-wife and a Secret Service agent to the hospital.

Not to mention that in the obsession with overturning the election results the president’s oldest son has been dragged in front of deeply partisan congressional hearings for 30 hours. All to great expense if to no results for the false accusers.

But this book is not just about the Left’s Trump Derangement Syndrome. It is a book about ideas — and what ideas work, and which ones not only don’t work but also have a long and seriously bad history. As the son of a builder and a builder himself, Don discusses the importance of a foundation. Pointing out that a misalignment in a foundation can cause serious trouble for the eventual building that rests on that foundation, he analyzes the foundation of the Democratic Party. The party was indeed built

on a foundation of Jim Crow-style racism, support of the KKK and slavery, and stark opposition to Abraham Lincoln. Every few decades it added a floor to that foundation. Those floors included a widespread welfare state, hinderance of businesses both big and small, and finally political correctness, Soviet-style socialism, and Antifa. They are the party of dependence. Without that, they have nothing. 

Ronald Reagan could not have said it better.

Of particular note here is Don’s early learning about socialism from his Czech grandparents on his mother’s side. Early in life there were visits to his grandparents, who were living in communist Czechoslovakia. The misfortune that was a life in a socialist country was driven home to him by his grandfather, the latter who recounted that he once had to wait in line for eight hours to buy an orange. His grandmother made all of Don’s mother’s dresses when she was a girl because “the store shelves were empty when she was allowed to shop.”

These were stark lessons for the son of an American capitalist, and he uses them to demolish the socialist rantings of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

He points out, again correctly, that AOC is no flash in the pan. She should be taken seriously as someone whose socialist plans are now a seriously permanent part of today’s Democratic Party.

In the course of this book Don touches on the topics of the day — the media, illegal immigration, class warfare, the establishment Republican Party, the fact that the Democratic Party of today is no longer your grandfather’s Democratic Party — and more.

Sunday night he sat down for a full hour with Mark Levin on Mark’s now–8 p.m. Fox show Life, Liberty, & Levin. As Levin noted, Triggered is indeed an “unbelievable book.” Don discusses not simply what it was like being one of the “tips of the spear” in the greatest political upset in American political history. He admits that based on his background he is an unlikely conservative (kids with rich dads who go to elite schools all too frequently head left) and he very much identifies with his dad — whom he long ago dubbed the “blue-collar billionaire.”

That designation comes about exactly because the president grew up around the blue-collar construction workers in, first, his own father’s business and then later in his own. Every day for 40 years, notes Don, his father has had to sign the front of checks, not simply the back, with entire families depending on the success of the Trump businesses to get paid — to feed their own families and educate their own kids. It is a background utterly alien to most Democratic Party leaders of today, but not to the Trump father and son today.

One note from the interview with Mark sounded in this space like an echo of the late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. It was Thatcher who went after her own British Conservative Party leaders of the day for not fighting back against the far-left Labour Party’s socialist agenda. She would say that they made a great show of opposition, but once elected, for fear of criticism, would simply manage the radical changes put in place rather than moving the country towards conservatism.

The Don Trump Jr. version of this Thatcher criticism is that in fighting back against all these endless investigations, the president has shown the importance of pushback, of fighting back. Says Don of Republicans:

You can actually fight back. You don’t just have to turn the other cheek. We’ve done that for fifty years and all we’ve done is cede ground to the lunatic fringe of the left.

Exactly right.

Suffice to say, Triggered is exactly the right book to be reading at the right moment as America heads into what will undoubtedly be another tumultuous election.

Although it is all too frequently unnoticed (and this has been observed before in this space), time moves on and history and all of its players of the moment will eventually pass on as well. This means that writing a book like Triggered is critical for future generations to read the historical record of today as seen by those involved.

Don Trump Jr. has written exactly the kind of book that will stand the test of time and serve as a permanent historical record of the battle for the American soul that has placed his father — and his entire family — at its very center.

Well done.

Jeffrey Lord
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Jeffrey Lord, a contributing editor to The American Spectator, is a former aide to Ronald Reagan and Jack Kemp. An author and former CNN commentator, he writes from Pennsylvania at His new book, Swamp Wars: Donald Trump and The New American Populism vs. The Old Order, is now out from Bombardier Books.
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