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Tonight’s Official State of the Union Guest List

We already know that the State of the Union will feature a $320 billion “Robin Hood” tax hike, which is ridiculous, not just because it’s both a blatant attempt at income redistribution and because it’s designed, primarily to troll Republicans, but because the “real” Robin Hood actually stole the wealth from the corrupt beneficiaries of a tyrannical government and gave it back to a citzenry taxed into poverty. 

Anyway, the bigger concern is who will be there to witness either the last Obama State of the Union that really matters, as he has approximately six months until he officially becomes a lame duck and can take up golfing with such regularity, he can be on the pro tour before Hillary’s inaugrual pantsuit returns from the dry cleaners. Alongside various high-profile media figures from the year, the official White House guest list usually includes a cadre of characters carefully selected from the White House correspondence pile. This year is no exception

Millions will watch Tuesday’s State of the Union speech, but only a couple of dozen will do so from the most important perch: the first lady’s box.

President Obama’s list this year includes a doctor working to stop the spread of Ebola, union workers benefiting from a stronger economy, a victim of gun violence, a government worker freed in a prisoner exchange as part of the outreach to Cuba, and an illegal immigrant who has remained in the country under Mr. Obama’s temporary deportation amnesty.

Also among the guests in the First Lady’s box: a community college student who will – ostensibly – get her tuition for free under Obama’s handout to state-run two-year institutions, the only health care worker to benefit from the Affordable Care Act, a woman trying to educate the Hispanic community about Climate Change and the CVS pharmacy executive that decided his stores would no longer sell tobacco. The guest list also includes Alan Gross, recently freed from a Cuban prison and Scott Kelly, who will live aboard the International Space Station for a year while NASA runs tests in anticipation of a mission to Mars (if the White House ever suggests an increase in the budget for planetary exploration, of course). From the guest list itself, we can discern that the speech will take on immigration policy, environmental policy, health care policy and education policy, all of which you will likely have to pay for.

At this point, of course, the State of the Union, as I noted before, is merely trolling. This will likely be the most ambitious State of the Union President Obama will give, because the liklihood of success for any proferred policies is so low, a feat he will, no doubt, blame not on his lack of leadership in the first six years of his term, but on the Republican House and Senate that will be reticent to pass handout after handout to administration cronies and large-scale donors.

As for my “guests of honor” for the State of the Union? I’m welcoming a number of them, including Johnny Walker (in his Green Label), Jack Daniels (Single Malt), Don Julio and a couple of Beefeaters for good measure. You can my real-time #SOTU commentary on Twitter by following me directly or using the hashtag #Chatterbox. 

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