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Tom Steyer, Jim Jordan, and Jerrold Nadler: On Fake News About Fake Jews

Tom Steyer is spending his hundreds of millions to undermine the Trump Presidency and indeed the conservative agenda. He even has Democrats terrified that he will “primary them” if they do not kowtow to his climate change and impeachment efforts. Accordingly, Rep. Jim Jordan of the House Freedom Caucus legitimately tweeted:

[Jerrold] Nadler feeling the heat big time. Jumps to Tom $teyer’s conclusion — impeaching our President — before first document request.

What a Kangaroo court.

Jerrold Nadler responded:

To be clear, this tweet counts both as inane AND anti-Semitic.

But Tom Steyer is not Jewish, OK? I will say that again: Tom Steyer is not Jewish.

In the past, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy likewise has criticized Tom Steyer’s efforts to use his vast amount of money to influence elections — and the Democrats went after McCarthy with the same bogus charge. So I will say it a third time: Tom Steyer is not Jewish. It took a statemen tby the Coalition for Jewish Values, which represents the views of one thousand ordained Orthodox rabbis in the United States and where I am a Senior Rabbinic Fellow, to trash that canard. This is a free country, and it is Steyer’s absolute right to spend his money to tear down a great President in the hope of replacing him and Mike Pence in 2020 with either…

• a nincompoop who wants to legalize prostitution (Kamala Harris, who herself slept to the top in return for political payment),

• a nincompoop who wants to pay reparations to Native Americans (Elizabeth Warren, in a vicarious gesture),

• a nincompoop who wants to pay reparations to slaves (Juan Castro and Cory Booker),

• a nincompoop who wants to cheer on starving people on bread lines and defend socialist tyrants (Bernie Sanders),

• a nincompoop who throws things violently at people and forces them to clean her combs after she eats from them (Amy Klobuchar),

• a nincompoop who subjects his public to watch him skateboard and get his teeth cleaned and x-rayed (Beto),

• or whatever other nincompoop emerges to poop nincom next.

It is Steyer’s money, and it is his right to spend it on political speech, just as Sheldon Adelson has spent hundreds of millions in support of conservative candidates and President Trump. Just as the Koch Brothers spend to elect politicians who will facilitate importing cheap labor across the border.

At the same time, the Democrats are in a tizzy over the eruption of outright blatant Goebbels-quality, Nazi-trope Jew-hatred vomiting and permeating through certain discrete swaths of the Democrat Party and bolstered by their strongly identified advocates. Rashida Tlaib. Ilhan Omar. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Keith Ellison. Al Sharpton. Linda Sarsour. Tamika Mallory. Marc Lamont Hill. Louis Farrakhan. (The Termite Minister is special — no hyperlink needed.) The sewage is gurgling all over the Democrat-liberal toilet bowl. They keep using the plunger, but the toilet keeps backing up on them with more Jew-hatred sewage.

And it all is documented.

To try diverting attention from their intersectional Jew-hatred toxicity — precisely as is happening in the United Kingdom, where Jeremy Corbyn is an overt Jew-hater and has led the Labour Party into new uncharted anti-Jewish waters — Democrat Jerrold Nadler has attacked Rep. Jim Jordan, who is an exceptionally good and decent man, for going after Steyer and tweeting about Steyer with a dollar-sign symbol in the “S” that begins Steyer’s surname. In Nadler’s words: “To be clear, this tweet counts as both inane and anti-Semitic.”

Is the tweet “inane”? On that question, reasonable minds may differ. Nadler says “Yes,” and I say “No.”

Is it “anti-Semitic”? On that one, reasonable minds cannot differ — because:

(i) not only did Jim Jordan have no Jewish angle intended in his legitimate tweet about $teyer, but also…

(ii) $teyer is not even Jewish.

If an attack on $teyer can be characterized as “anti-Semitism,” then tweets against Adolf Hitler can be called “anti-Black racism.” Sure, Hitler was White, but let’s call it “anti-Black racism” anyway! Likewise, tweets against Stalin can be called “anti-Latino.” Did he even speak Spanish — or Latin? Who cares? Criticisms of Alin-stay are anti-Latino! Any criticism of Abraham Lincoln may as well be called “anti-transgender.” And criticisms of Genghis Khan may as well be condemned as “misogynist” and anti-woman.

fourth time: Tom Steyer is not Jewish.

And yet the Democrats regularly attack as “anti-Semitic” any Republican criticism of Tom $teyer. It is absolutely crazy. A person who legally throws his money around to advance his political agenda is entitled to do so — and those who oppose his political agenda are equally entitled to criticize his agenda. Even if he just-so-happened to be Jewish, he can be criticized. Jews can be criticized. In the Readers’ Comments section of this publication, there are many wonderfully supportive comments from people whose kind words really have touched me many times: Captain Mann, Beverly Gunn, Acidulous, Vern Crisler, TheDude, Dustoff, Kitty Myers, Al Adab. (Uh oh, now I am in trouble, like at the Oscars that I used to watch years ago, because now I gotta name them all: PolishKnightUSA, Pico+Pete, Joellen, Markenoff, Illini Marine, etc.) But there also are those who sometimes disagree, even the occasional vicious troll who even will post lies about me, my background, my dearest and closest family relationships. That comes with the turf. It is aimed at hurting me personally, not aimed at “Jews.” Rarely is a criticism among this publication’s readers anti-Semitic. (Yes, it does rarely happen.) It is my thought that is being criticized, my opinion, or my very-rare-but-it-can-happen factual oversight, or whatever. And, yes, trolls will post vicious lies because, well, that’s what trolls do during their hour of outdoor exercise when those white shirts are removed, and they are free to move their arms. By contrast, we all know when something is anti-Jewish. Fair-minded Italian Americans, Irish Americans, Polish Americans, German Americans, Gays, Women, African Americans, Latinos and other Hispanic Americans, White men from other European descent — we all know when it is fair and when it is bigotry. And it likewise is fair to criticize Tom $teyer — and… fifth time: He is not even Jewish.

A Jew is someone born of a Jewish mother or who converts to Judaism under the Torah laws of Judaism, committing to eat only kosher, to observe the Sabbath according to its laws, and to live a Torah life. Born Jews — those born of a Jewish mother — do not have to make such a commitment. Compare it to American citizenship: A born American citizen can be a creep, a law breaker, hold up banks, kneel at the national anthem while advertising Nike shoes and shaving with Gillette razors, not know a thing about the Constitution or American history, and just be an all-around low life runt. We simply do not require American citizens to validate their citizenships once they have it — and no society does. However, if a non-citizen wants to obtain American citizenship, then he or she must go through a naturalization process that, until the recent madness of the past decade, has required learning some American history, some citizenship, some English, pledging allegiance — and would bar serious law-breaking. (Nowadays, the alternative path to citizenship seems to be: At nine months’ pregnant, do a quarterback-sneak across the goal line like it is fourth-and-inches, into El Paso or San Diego, and just plop-give-birth in the end zone… without letting Ralph Northam, the moonwalking Governor of Virginia, find out — or else he might have the kid dispatched for end-of-life “comfort care” infanticide.)

So “conversion” to American citizenship — i.e., naturalization — is akin to conversion to be a Jew. That is how Judaism has defined Jews for 3,300 years: the child born to a Jewish mother or one who converts theologically and accepts the Torah commandments. Hitler of course defined Jews differently, tracing even by “patrilineal bloodlines,” such that he would arrest, intern in a concentration camp, gas, and cremate even the offspring of Jewish fathers and non-Jewish mothers. Given where Hitler was coming from — knowing the anti-Semitic animus that motivated him — we Jews always have refrained from getting into theological discussions about whether those people actually were Jews. If the Nazis or Stalinists were murdering someone with the aim to murder Jews, thinking they were Jews, then we had to stand by them, rush to their defense, and stand by their surviving families.

But Tom $teyer is not even Jewish. Fake news? Fake Jews!

Tom $teyer comes from a Jewish father. OK. And the father’s side of the family was among those who were persecuted by Hitler. OK. But not only was Steyer’s mom an Episcopalian, but so is he. That is, not only is he not a Jew — but he is an Episcopalian.

Here’s the thing. We Jewish conservatives are dismayed enough by the likes of George Soros. (You want him? He’s yours! We gladly would trade him for any two non-Jews plus an anti-Semite to be named later.) The media never note that Orthodox Jews are so overwhelmingly Republican conservative that one survey even put that support over 90 percent. The leading surveys, like the Pew survey, demonstrate that Orthodox Jews likely will be the majority of Jews in America within two generations. Orthodox Jews overwhelmingly voted for Donald Trump in 2016 and will even more so in 2020. We oppose late-term abortion and abortion-on-demand. We are socially conservative and adhere to Biblical views on marriage and matters of orientation. We are intensely anti-Communist. Remember that Karl Marx was a vicious Jew-hater, the son of a Jewish apostate who jumped over to Christianity and publicly abandoned any Jewish connections. Stalin mass-murdered Jews, beginning with the idiots who thought they could escape their heritage and identity by being his henchmen assigned to destroy the Jewish community of Russia. Probably the strongest American anti-Communist mass movement of our time was the movement to free Soviet Jewry, even playing its contributing role in taking down the whole accursed Soviet empire, Bernie bread lines and all.

The broader American Jewish community’s move away from Democrat liberalism and towards Republican conservatism is paralleling the greater political realignment now happening in our country. The Deep South — solid bullet-vote Democrat for a century — started realigning in the 1970s. The blue-collar ethnic Catholic working-class-union Midwest first began realigning from Democrat liberalism during the Reagan years, and President Trump’s 2016 election marked a major turning point in that realignment. Same for the voters of West Virginia, once a Democrat stronghold. Now Jews are beginning to realign. As with the Deep South (1860s to the 1970s) and the ethnic Catholic populations (1840s to 1980s), realignment seems to take a century. Jews adopted their habits in America fifty years later than did the Deep South and the ethnic Catholics (most arrived 1881-1914), so the realignment process is exactly on schedule. It begins with the likes of Dennis Prager and Mark Levin, Ben Shapiro and Michael Savage, Jeff Jacoby and Joel Pollak, the Coalition for Jewish Values representing a thousand Orthodox rabbis and the National Council of Young Israel’s more-than-150 Orthodox synagogues throughout the country. In parallel fashion, the Jewish realignment to conservative is happening all over the planet. The Jews of the United Kingdom have abandoned the Labour Party in droves, a complete tsunami, and have become a reliable constituency of the Conservative Party. Seventy percent of Jews in the United Kingdom vote conservative. Despite efforts by Obama and John Kerry to subvert Israel’s elections Putin-style, Israel has been electing conservative governments for the past forty years, since Menachem Begin’s 1977 electoral victory, with a rare exception when people itch for a change after ten years — and then they throw out the Left bums after two years and reelect the conservatives for another ten years. In the current national contest, slated for an April 9 vote, the question is whether Benjamin Netanyahu’s center-right Likud coalition will win an outright majority, or whether a competing centrist coalition will get enough votes to cobble the coalition. Jews in Israel abandoned the Left decades ago.

So, yes, American Jews still are stuck with George Soros, as Russian Jews once were stuck with a Trotsky (who, like Marx, himself abandoned Judaism and even changed his name from Lev Bronstein). And that is how it goes. Catholics know what it feels like to be stuck with Sinéad O’Connor, Nancy Pelosi, Madonna, Joe Biden, Sonia Sotomayor, and Andrew Cuomo. Protestants know what it is to be stuck with the Clintons, Al Gore, Jimmy Carter, and the majority of the Democrat Presidential candidates who support socialism, abortion on demand, and every new left-of-center cause that gets suggested. So it goes.

But Jerrold Nadler and the Democrats go from Fake News to Fake Jews when they start attacking good people like Kevin McCarthy and Jim Jordan for legitimately going after Tom $teyer, Episcopalian. E. Pisco. Pali. An.

Dov Fischer
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Rabbi Dov Fischer, Esq., is Vice President of the Coalition for Jewish Values (comprising over 2,000 Orthodox rabbis), was adjunct professor of law at two prominent Southern California law schools for nearly 20 years, and is Rabbi of Young Israel of Orange County, California. He was Chief Articles Editor of UCLA Law Review and clerked for the Hon. Danny J. Boggs in the United States Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit before practicing complex civil litigation for a decade at three of America’s most prominent law firms: Jones Day, Akin Gump, and Baker & Hostetler. He likewise has held leadership roles in several national Jewish organizations, including Zionist Organization of America, Rabbinical Council of America, and regional boards of the American Jewish Committee and B’nai B’rith Hillel Foundation. His writings have appeared in Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Post, the Los Angeles Times, the Federalist, National Review, the Jerusalem Post, and Israel Hayom. A winner of an American Jurisprudence Award in Professional Legal Ethics, Rabbi Fischer also is the author of two books, including General Sharon’s War Against Time Magazine, which covered the Israeli General’s 1980s landmark libel suit. Other writings are collected at
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