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Today’s Democrat Lie: Obamacare Bipartisanship

While debating Monica Crowley on Megyn Kelly’s Fox News program today, Democratic consultant Julie Roginsky claimed that there was Republican support for Obamacare when it passed Congress.

Roginsky was wrong, and probably knew she was wrong…just hoping people are uninformed enough to believe her.

But in fact, even at the time, the only thing bipartisan about Obamacare was the opposition to it.

As you can see in the links below, in the House, the vote was 219-212, with zero Republicans voting for the bill and 34 Democrats joining all 178 Republicans voting against.

And in the Senate, 58 Democrats and two “Independents” (Lieberman and Sanders) voted for the bill, with 39 Republicans voting against and one Republican not voting.

Even votes to repeal Obamacare since it passed have generally included at least a few Democrats voting for repeal, along with every Republican.

The only thing bipartisan about Obamacare is the opposition to it.

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