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Thoughts on the Hateful Left

The vermin of the left have been out in force with nastiness and viciousness about Andrew Breitbart since Breitbart’s death. We on the right have quite rightly taken offense. The left claims we do the same thing when a lefty dies. They can’t prove it. As for me, I can prove otherwise. I despised Ted Kennedy for all the reasons conservatives usually do. He never failed to take a demagogic cheap shot, to destroy reputations and thus destroy lives, when it suited his political needs. He also denounced me in person, once in a tirade on the floor of the Senate. Still, when he died, I did not write about everything wrong with Kennedy. I wrote this:

Decent people do not take potshots at others (unless the other is a Hitler or Stalin) in the 24 hours of the other’s death. I have never, literally never, written any good words about Ted Kennedy. But there was one time when I was impressed and in a weird way inspired by him. At the Democratic convention last year, when he willed himself out of the hospital, in a terribly weakened condition, to make what truly was a superbly written and even, despite his ailments, a well delivered speech in support of the man, Obama, who WOULD NOT have been about to be the nominee without Kennedy’s support, Kennedy’s speech — with its deliberate echoes of his 1980 convention speech, “the dream shall never die” — was a triumph of courage and commitment. Sitting in the convention hall covering it for the Washington Examiner, I literally got chill-bumps. In terms of valiance, it was like seeing Willis Reed hobble onto the court in the NBA finals against the Lakers, only to an even greater Nth degree.

In a reckless life spent pursuing the wrong goals through wrong and often vicious means, it was a magnificent moment of grace.

Some decent people on the left, such as Donna Brazile, said nice things about Breitbart yesterday, as I tried to do about Kennedy above. We should not overstate the case by painting all lefties with the same brush. But Lord, so many of them have been so vicious (check all sorts of Tweets and posts, too many of them to list here, for examples) that one wonders if there is some horrible sickness of the soul that infects the ideological precincts where they live.

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