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They Won’t Believe Me

They Won’t Believe Me was a 1947 Alfred Hitchcock movie starring Robert Young as a charming yet roguish hustler whose duplicitous ways finally lead to personal disaster, both for him and those he deceived. And although the title refers to Young’s inability to convince anyone of his innocence, it could easily be applied to our current political situation. For it is descriptive of the plight not only of our president, but of conservatives too, because no matter how many times we lay out the facts or how often history proves them wrong, liberals and those who vote for them just won’t believe us.

We warned them that their affinity for over-taxing and out-of-control spending would lead to financial disaster but they wouldn’t believe us. And so they continue to advocate fleecing the very people whose wealth could enrich the workforce instead of the pockets of those who choose not to work. They continue to throw our money at monstrously huge and unworkable entitlements and then howl in incredulity when these programs begin to fail.

We cautioned against granting more and more power to unions, especially those representing government employees. We predicted that just as they would eventually topple the auto industry, they would likewise suck the lifeblood of our towns, cities and states. We knew that although they counted on the good will of the American people to protect their jobs down through the years, that one day the bill for their untenable demands would come due and the results wouldn’t be pretty. But of course our counsel was mocked and scorned, even as it has proved all too true.

We pleaded with them to understand that over-regulation would put a stranglehold on American manufacturing and the use of our natural resources; that putting environmental concerns over people at every turn would drive businesses overseas and increase our dependence on foreign energy sources. And although they scream bloody murder when American corporations flee our borders in order to conduct business with an eye to profitability, when we point out that it’s their fault, they’re not buying it.

We railed and demonstrated against the ever-lengthening arms of the nanny state; that they would one day crush us in their suffocating embrace. We warned that small things — laws that would only help folks, like seatbelt requirements and smoking prohibitions — would only embolden lovers of big government to encroach further and further on our God-given and guaranteed liberties, until even private property is no longer sacrosanct. They ignored us and our Constitution.

We bemoaned the death of our culture — both as a melting pot and one based on Judeo-Christian precepts — and the consequences that would derive from its demise. The promotion of so-called cultural diversity has threatened to cost us our national identity and has robbed our youth of its pride in the history of our country. While the concept of Natural Law, on which our legal system is based, is virtually ignored in courtrooms, classrooms, and newsrooms. Liberal lack of concern for the decline and probable fall of our once admired and imitated way of life is nearly beyond belief.

We tried to emphasize Ronald Reagan’s strategy of Peace Through Strength; knowing that there are enemies out there who only understand and fear the threat of outright power, despite the yelps of those who believe that a multilateral and nuanced approach will succeed with bloodthirsty fanatics who scoff at such naivety and lick their chops in anticipation of facing same. For decades, we mourned the unavenged deaths of our soldiers and sailors which only emboldened those who would live on to kill thousands of Americans only short years later. Did they believe us on 9/11? Incredibly; no, they did not and still don’t.

The result of all this disbelief on the part of our liberal countrymen? Our economy on the road to ruin, our national unity in tatters, our rights greatly diminished, and our culture sorely at odds with the hopes and dreams of our Founding Fathers. If you didn’t know better, you’d think it all quite unbelievable.

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