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There’s a Hillary Clinton Comic Book On the Way

I have always been a huge comic book fan. I am told, of course, that my female anatomy makes me a rare bird in that field since, according to modern Internet feminists, comic books are the very nexus and genesis of modern misogyny, because they promote the sexualization of women, glorify violence against women, have storylines that don’t always involve women, and are, generally, enjoyed by people who are not “Social Justice Warriors” with an extensive Tumblr history of memes that take aim at fat-shaming and love letters to Lena Dunham. In recent months, feminists have attacked the comic book industry for a depiction of Spider-Woman that was too suggestive, a depiction of Batgirl that was too triggering and a probably a host of other small-time outrages that occur only to people with the luxury of a Gender Studies degree and a post-graduate bartending job that affords them time to think about things like whether Spider-Woman would really land on all fours on a rooftop with her butt hanging over the side of a building.

Now, obviously, the comics industry has been flagging since the early 2000s. Some of the movies have revived it a little, but Marvel and DC have been looking to court new audiences for their material in order to sustain themselves into the long term. Feminists have been a reliable audience, since their Internet presence, at least, is characterized by group-think, so when one purchases a comic, they all do. They enjoy comics that ratify their lovingly-held perceptions of themselves as individual thinkers whose societally non-conformist personalities and refusal to submit to ratified gender norms make them the more highly-evolved thought leaders of the human race. In reality, their non-conformity is quite conformist, indeed, and much of the comic industry’s submission to their pressure results in marketing strategies that play to overtly stereotypical ideas of female fandom – Lady Thor, for example, was announced on The View, because us female comic book fans are all unemployed harpies with a penchant for daytime chat shows – but no matter. As long as the big comic book companies keep churning out Fierce Womyn ™, the SJWs are, at least, self-satisfied.

With the 2016 Presidential campaign now dominating headlines, it seems at least one manufacturer is taking advantage of both current events and the contingent of Internet feminists who will buy anything you tell them is empowering. Coming soon to a comic shelf near you: the tale of today’s most prominent female superhero, Hillary Clinton

Bluewater Productions, which publishes comic book biographies, has come down with 2016 presidential campaign fever. On Wednesday the company will release “Hillary Clinton: The Road to the White House,” written by Michael L. Frizell and illustrated by Joe Paradise.

They’ve also, apparently, done a comic on Rand Paul, but that one didn’t sell as well. 

The Hillary Clinton biography can be yours for a mere $3.99 on Amazon (cheaper than the Ted Cruz coloring book!), and is said to follow her climb to the top, starting from her lowly beginnings as a poor white girl in the upper-middle-class Chicago suburb of Park Ridge, to her education at all the best East Coast schools, to the moment she realized she could ride to power on the coat-tails of a man with ambition, to the moment where she road that same man’s legacy to victory in a Senate campaign. It will likely also include how she expects to be ushered into the White House on name recognition despite having no meaningful accomplishments.

Since few of Hillary’s female fans have recognized the bizarre hypocricy attendant to promoting a “strong woman” whose main accomplishment was marrying well to a man who treats the women in his life like disposable objects, I doubt the comic won’t find its way into a ready embrace. After all, it’s not about whether something really promotes true equality of the sexes, but whether it promotes a sort-of statistical equality easily defined in a Masters thesis and achieved through meaningless federal regulation. Hillary Clinton, in a way, is almost the perfect example of today’s skin-deep women’s liberation movement – no accomplishments to speak of, but they certainly won’t stop talking about fantastic they are. 

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