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The Suicide of the Democratic Party

Leftist radical David Hogg generated some controversy when he complained to the press that “Older Democrats just won’t move the f—k off the plate and let [the young people] take control [of the DNC].” With that outburst, Hogg completed the cultural revolution begun in the 1960s — and best summed up by the domestic terrorist, Bill Ayers, who ordered young Baby Boomers (at the time) to “Kill all the rich people. Break up their cars and apartments. Bring the revolution home, kill your parents.”

After decades of dumbing down America’s youth, in order to turn that youth into nothing more than empty receptacles in which to dump their destructive ideology, the Left is about to reap what they sow. This isn’t the first time a youthful rebellion has ripped apart the Democratic Party. Bill Ayers’ generation of the radical New Left did just that in the 1960s. What was so interesting was that the New Left of the 1960s arose during a period of relative political dominance for the Democratic Party. It was the Democrats, not the Republicans, who effectively created the paradigm — the regime — of postwar American politics.

Yes, the Harry Truman and JFK administrations were punctuated by the Republican presidency of Dwight D. Eisenhower, but even Ike’s administration was far more moderate than what most Right-wingers of the day wanted it to be. Democrats controlled what Lenin once referred to as a country’s “transmission belts.” The Democratic Party held sway over the federal bureaucracy, the courts, education, and the media.

Nevertheless, the young Democrats — the Baby Boomers — of the 1960s sought to destroy the corporate-style, professional, programmatic Liberalism of the pre-1960s Democratic Party and install a newer, truly revolutionary politics at the heart of the Democratic Party. At its core, the politics of the New Left was aimed at destroying the American middle-class which radical leaders had long associated with being the single-greatest impediment to the implementation of a full-on Marxian-style revolution from consuming the country.

For their part, the radicals of the 1960s imbibed a noxious ideological swill consisting of one-part Cultural Marxism, one-part blatant Soviet propaganda, and one-part outright hooliganism. The Cultural Marxist elements were taught to these young skulls full of mush by gonzo academicians — mostly of the much-maligned Frankfurt School (read Michael Walsh’s two books on the matter for more details). The Soviet propaganda was force-fed to these raging youngsters by unwitting accomplices in the American media (and academia). And, the hooliganism was bestowed upon them by their idol, Saul Alinsky — who, although far older than the student protesters of the ’60s, was very much their “spiritual” leader.

After all, it was Alinsky who advised his ideological progeny to use the politics of guilt to help the otherwise-vibrant American middle-class to commit suicide. Even after the 1960s, when it became clear that the revolution would not be embraced by a majority of the American people, many of the protesters retained their radical notions. Most went on to enter into respected educational institutions, where they earned degrees in everything from law to education. These people then went about infiltrating every aspect of American society, until they came to dominate the most important elements of American culture. Usually, when one moves into adulthood, one embraces a more conservative and traditional worldview.

While many of the former radicals of the 1960s — such as Hillary Clinton — did embrace a more pragmatic view of politics, hardly any foreswore their life-long flirtation with the radical New Left ideology of their youth. They just channeled that radicalism into the next generation of children. Thus, David Hogg and his cohort of young radicals sound as kooky as Bill Ayers did 50 years ago (thankfully, though, Hogg and his bunch have not decided to act on their radical notions in the same bloody ways that Ayers and his comrades did).

And, just like the New Left of yesteryear, the Alt-Left of today has made the Democratic Party its target of opportunity. The logic is that, first, the corporatist, neoliberal leadership of the Democratic Party must be destroyed in order to open up slots for this new, whacky bunch of “democratic socialists” rising up from the grassroots of the Democratic Party.

Hogg has clearly indicated his intentions toward the DNC: he and others like him seek to push out the current group of leaders in the DNC (many who once, in their youth, marched in the streets and behaved similarly as Hogg has), replace them with radicals, and complete the revolution begun in the 1960s. David Hogg and the Alt-Left of Millennial and Generation-Z democratic socialists are the ideological progeny of the 1960s generation of New Left revolutionaries.

For more than half-a-century, the Democratic Party has sown the wind of radicalism. Now, they are about to reap the whirlwind of revolution.

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