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The Revenge of Moriarty
John Barrymore as Sherlock Holmes in 1922. (Wikimedia Commons)

‘For years past I have continually been conscious of some power behind the malefactor, some deep organising power which forever stands in the way of the law, and throws its shield over the wrongdoer. Again and again in cases of the most varying sorts … I have felt the presence of this force, and I have deduced its action in many of those undiscovered crimes in which I have not been personally consulted. For years I have endeavored to break through the veil which shrouded it, and at last the time came when I seized my thread and followed it, until it led me, after a thousand cunning windings, to ex-Professor Moriarty of mathematical celebrity.’
— Sherlock Holmes, The Final Problem by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

When Sherlock Holmes finally meets Professor Moriarty face to face for the first time in the canonical short story The Final Problem (1893), their exchange is appropriately chilling. “All that I have to say to you has already crossed your mind,” Moriarty says to Holmes. “Then possibly my answer has crossed yours,” replies Holmes. Although Moriarty only appears in this one story, his creation as the first literary archvillain influenced narrative art for all time. The line of succession stretching through Dracula (vs. Van Helsing), Fu Manchu (vs. Sir Denis Nayland Smith), Lex Luthor (vs. Superman), Ernst Stavro Blofeld (vs. James Bond), Darth Vader (vs. Luke Skywalker), and countless memorable others, past and future, began with Holmes’ nemesis. The brilliance of Conan Doyle’s innovation was making his culprit primarily a hidden intellectual threat rather than a direct physical one to the hero. “He sits motionless, like a spider in the centre of its web, but that web has a thousand radiations, and he knows well every quiver of each of them,” Holmes tells Dr. Watson.

Conan Doyle well understood the universal appeal of ascribing all the evils of the world to one identifiable source. Then it would be possible to neutralize the catalyst and save England, as Holmes fictionally did by killing Moriarty. Unfortunately, the dark spiderweb enveloping America is being woven not by one isolated fiend but by a multitude of them, disciples of a sick and toxic leftist ideology. And for far too long, conservatives stood by and let the spiderweb spread, thread by thread, until we too became caught in it.

Now, infamies once thought unfathomable or unspeakable by a moral society are being more than embraced, in fact mandated. The radical Democrats doing this have taken power from the docile normal people, aided by their education-brainwashed acolytes. Hence, the foundations of the country have lost substance while a perverse fantasy carries governmental — if not yet constitutional — weight.

Last week, Washington state passed a bill that will permit children to be taken from their parents if they deny them the right to “gender transition.” According to Senate Bill 5599, child shelters could contact the Department of Children, Youth, and Families instead of parents for minors seeking “reproductive health services or gender-affirming care.”

It’s vile enough that pregnant young girls can have their babies killed by state-sanctioned abortionists — the true meaning of “reproductive health services” — even without their parents’ permission. None can deny the baby inside them is, or was, alive before his or her murder. But pro-choice maniacs can wail about the greater good of a child’s death for the parents or society, absent the little corpse of the victim. Their punishment will come later, after their own demise, in a place they don’t believe exists.

But “gender-affirming care” is a chimera, a nightmare, a Frankensteinian objective that cannot be achieved, only imitated in a grotesque parody of the opposite sex, requiring the mutilation and approximate rearrangement of body parts. Adults that consent to such a horror must bear the remaining lifelong consequences of their mistake, although no doctor should ethically indulge their pathology. But children lack the mental judgment to make such an irrevocable choice. And those who not only encourage them to do this yet would prevent their parents from stopping it deserve to be in prison, and nowhere near a statehouse.

Because their goal is not to protect the children but to distort reality. And their method is to force acceptance of the unacceptable. The model father is no longer a strong masculine figure but either a toxic male or a metrosexual weakling. And anyone can be a mother, or a reasonable facsimile of one. Little boys can aspire to it. Men can not only be women, they can be young girls. Just ask Dylan Mulvaney, or the beer company Anheuser-Busch, which celebrated his first year of “girlhood” with a commemorative can of Bud Light. And women can outfight, outrun, or outwit men on screen, though not in the real world where men pretending to be women crush them in every category.

It’s a diabolical plan worthy of Professor Moriarty, and there’s no Sherlock Holmes to foil it. But there are real men, and they’ve had enough. Their backlash against Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light for disrespecting them, and women, in favor of a freakish clown has been so furious, the woke corporation doesn’t know what hit it. In the two weeks since the Mulvaney tribute, shares of the Bud Light parent company have dropped nearly four percent from $132.8 billion to $127.13 billion.

In a desperate attempt at damage control, the company has rushed out a new patriotic, manly ad featuring horses and the “spirit of America.” Because their executives still think men are stupid and easily distracted by a shiny object. Conservative commentator Candace Owens knows better, as she proved on the April 12th episode of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight.

“There’s a post-analysis that has to happen here on why it is that Dylan Mulvaney for 365 days was able to openly mock women,” Owens said. “To openly take the spaces of women, to take contracts from Ultra Beauty, to take contracts from other women, all the sponsorships and nobody cared. And suddenly Dylan Mulvaney traverses into a male space and becomes unacceptable. Why? Because men don’t tolerate this level of lies the way women do.”

Or to quote Sherlock Holmes, “There is nothing more deceptive than an obvious fact.”

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