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The Real Crime in Kenosha

The media crime syndicate strikes again, targeting a teenager and creating mayhem in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Will they pay a price? Doubtful.

Kenosha, Wisconsin, a mid-sized midwestern town on the west side of Lake Michigan, has around 99,000 residents. There are family-owned restaurants and businesses and neighbors know one another. Kenosha is about five minutes from the Illinois border. It’s two hours to Chicago or Madison and 45 minutes to Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Like New York and New Jersey, lots of people who work in Wisconsin live in Illinois and vice versa. Kyle Rittenhouse was one of those people. His divorced parents lived within 30 minutes of one another — his mom in Antioch, Illinois, his dad in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle worked in Kenosha. He had friends and family in Kenosha. His situation is not at all unusual.

A wife abuser and alleged rapist in town, Jacob Blake, was harassing his victim, and attempting to take her child in her vehicle. She called police. The police knew Jacob. When they got there and confronted him, Jacob reached into his vehicle, grabbed a knife, and was then shot by a police officer.

The story the media ran with? That police shot an unarmed, innocent black man, again. It was not true that Jacob was innocent. It was not true that he was unarmed. The media used lies to incite frustrated Americans. All hell broke loose. This was in the aftermath of George Floyd’s death. Tensions were high. The media stoked them with misinformation and anti-police propaganda.

Within hours, protestors were mobilized. A bus was on its way from Seattle. These were not the peaceful, Martin Luther King-type protestors, locking arms and singing for justice. No, these were the type that went on an arson rampage and burned out the downtown of Kenosha.

Police were there, manning a blockade and not enforcing the curfew. Too few National Guard were there and anyway, they got there too late. This week, during the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, it was revealed that the FBI was in Kenosha, with “eyes in the sky” but they, too, were unmoved to intervene in the crime unfolding below their watchful gaze. The city was ablaze. The locals were losing everything.

On the second night of this media-made melee, the people in the area decided that they weren’t going to sit by and let their town be ruined. Enter Kyle Rittenhouse and many other armed men. Kyle repeatedly said, “I just wanted to help.” He wasn’t alone. Watching outsiders come into one’s town, tearing the place apart while law enforcement do nothing and the media encourages the destruction must be gut-wrenching. Any civic-minded person would want to defend something beautiful. To the people of Kenosha, their town, their businesses, their lives were beautiful. They were worth defending.

As one might guess, the rioters and arsonists were not, as a group, fine, upstanding citizens. The majority were not locals. They were just in town for a media and state-sanctioned crime spree. They were hostile to anyone wanting to defend themselves. How dare these locals care about their businesses? Were their businesses worth more than one black life?

That was the mantra over that summer: people not property! It was a fanciful take on the idea that people’s lives were not being ruined by ruining their property. It’s the lie that animates crime rings brazenly walking into grocery stores and pharmacies and stealing thousands of dollars of merchandise right now in big cities. And why not? Aren’t lives more important than property? These criminals will be on the news the next day decrying “food deserts” where no grocery stores exist because businesses cannot stay in business when everything is stolen.

Like many of the riots over the summer of 2020, the Kenosha rioters were white criminals. Before Kenosha, these people ostensibly fighting for racial equality were burning black neighborhoods. In Kenosha, they were burning a racially mixed area.

They came armed. One of the favorite weapons: skateboards. Skateboards serve dual purposes. They’re great to hit someone with and they’re great as a getaway vehicle. There were other weapons: bats, chains, and guns. The rioters were aggressive, intimidating, lighting fires with accelerants, smashing vehicles, and generally causing destruction wherever they went.

Kyle Rittenhouse saw all these weapons and received verbal abuse from these miscreants.

In the aftermath of the burning, the downtown area of Kenosha, Wisconsin, was a torched husk. Intergenerational family businesses were destroyed. There were interviews (by alternative, not mainstream media, mind you) with sobbing store owners. Others stared at the place their dreams were built on and then destroyed, in shock. The mainstream media didn’t interview these people. They didn’t care.

What happened to most of the criminals who committed these crimes? Nothing as of this writing. Four arsonists have been charged by the Department of Justice. The other 250-plus arrested? Who knows? The local police chief (a Democrat), the prosecutor (a Democrat), and the mayor (a Democrat) seem to have stood aside as their own town was destroyed to serve a political narrative.

Was the man who drew his illegally possessed firearm at Kyle Rittenhouse arrested for his crimes? No. He was called to testify against the man who defended himself from him. Was the man who shot his gun into the air causing hysteria arrested? Yes. Was he prosecuted? No. Were most of the other fire starters arrested? No, save four of them, but the local district attorney didn’t bring the charges. The Feds did. The criminals melted into the mist, went back to their homes far from Kenosha, and went about their business.

The local people are still trying to rebuild their lives.

The only person (besides Jacob Blake) to be prosecuted by local Kenosha prosecutors for a crime was one of the people trying to prevent the destruction of the town he loved, Kyle Rittenhouse.

The media is angry about the Rittenhouse trial, but not for reasons you might think. They had done their best to paint Kyle Rittenhouse as a racist and a white-supremacist. The trial, though, has revealed the truth: Kyle shot three very white, very demented criminals. He was being attacked each time he shot. The people attacking him do not seem very high-minded and equity-seeking. These look to be psychos raving with bloodlust.

The media is also furious because Americans who are watching the trial (thankfully it’s being broadcast) are seeing all the evidence of destruction and arson. They’re seeing the barbarians stomp on cars and set them alight. They’re seeing business burning. Suddenly it makes a lot of sense why someone would be carrying a gun and a fire extinguisher. There were fires that needed to be put out. There were criminals on the loose looking to attack anyone who would stop their destruction.

The video evidence of Kenosha looks like a marauding band of Vandals burning and plundering Rome. And, in fact, the barbarians were burning down civilization.

The media cheered and encouraged it all. They’re doing it again. Their coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial would lead one to believe that a miscarriage of justice is unfolding again. That Mr. Rittenhouse is some wild vigilante rather than a concerned, earnest teenager seeking to defend his beloved hometown.

In fact, it is this writer’s hope that justice will be done for Kyle Rittenhouse. That he will go free because he has a right to defend his own life. That the prosecutor, who would deprive him of his rights to remain silent and to defend himself, will be held to account. (This is likely too much to ask.) That the media will finally wake up.

The media, though, is also out for blood. They are Democrat partisans and see anyone who stands in the way of a total, radical overhaul of American society through burning civilization down, if necessary, as a racist who deserves death.

There were many crimes in Kenosha: by the government, the rioters, and most of all, the media. Kyle Rittenhouse’s trial is another crime … against him. Don’t expect any of the real crimes to receive justice.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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