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The Films Hillary Doesn’t Want You to See

Despite the best attempts of the Democrats and their media supporters, most people in America now know Hillary Clinton is having some difficulties regarding her email usage.

Her use of a private server to send emails whilst she was Secretary of State may have endangered the country’s security so badly that even the FBI is investigating.

That investigation seems to be going on forever and in the end it rests with the Obama White House as to whether she will face charges.

But most people are probably not aware that there is another, more fast moving investigation, into Hillary’s email arrangements going on simultaneously.

In D.C., Hillary’s senior staff are currently being forced to give depositions under oath in an attempt to find out just how she was allowed to set up and maintain this ongoing cyber-security disaster while she was in charge of the nation’s secrets.

The depositions are part of a Freedom of Information request by the think tank Judicial Watch. A judge found that Judicial Watch had been lied to when they were told Hillary had no emails relating to their inquiries. The judge has ordered her senior staff and possibly Hillary herself to give depositions under oath to explain the deception.

The depositions are being filmed, but in a bizarre move, Hillary’s lawyers have managed to persuade the judge to block the release of the tapes in case they are used to make her look bad in the election!

I think this is amazing and unacceptable. It is censorship, that films, possibly showing the truth about such a serious matter, are being blocked from the American people — especially in the run-up to an election. An election should be the reason for more transparency — not less.

But I have found a way around this. The British writer George Orwell described journalism as “something somebody somewhere doesn’t want published.”

And as Hillary doesn’t want these films published I have decided to commit several acts of unauthorized journalism to bring the truth of these depositions to as wide an audience as possible.

The transcripts of the depositions are available and I’m using them to re-enact and film the highlights. They are being filmed right in the heart of Hollywood with professional actors playing the parts of Hillary’s staff and the many lawyers questioning and protecting them. We are using the transcripts verbatim — editing them down but with no Couric style misleading edits. They are really bringing to life the evasions and half-truths that seem to be a common feature of anyone who has worked for the Clintons.

Our first film was this re-enactment of Cheryl Mills’s deposition. She has worked with the Clintons for almost 30 years and was Hillary’s Chief of Staff at the State Department.

Her deposition is a masterclass in Clintonian evasions. She said a version of “I don’t know” or “I don’t recall” 189 times during her deposition. Her team of lawyers objected to questions more than 200 times.

Her evidence is extraordinary and it was clear to me why Hillary tried to suppress these tapes and why they need to be seen. And it seems that revealing the truth is a very popular idea. So far almost one hundred thousand people have watched the re-enactment of the Mills deposition on YouTube and almost forty thousand have seen it on Facebook.

The truth really is stranger and stronger than fiction (and politics).

One commenter described the re-enactments as “The Films Hillary and Her Cronies Don’t Want You to See.”

We are continuing to push the films out and the public is continuing to love them. Ambassador Stephen Mull — Hillary’s Executive Secretary at the State Department —  used the words “I don’t remember” or “I don’t recall” 125 times in his three hour deposition.

Not only are people watching the videos but they are helping make them as well. We are crowdfunding the project — and already we have raised half of the money we need. It seems that people are tired of the D.C. establishment covering up the truth and want to bypass the mainstream media so that the truth can get out.

Hillary Clinton’s lawyers managed to convince a judge that it would be wrong to release the tapes. I think it would be wrong not to have the tapes available to the public. And it seems the American public agree.

You can see the films and contribute to the project at

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