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The Fault Is Not Israel’s

Back in L.A. I miss Sandpoint but the heat there was a killer. Just murderous. Except at night roaring across the neck of the lake on my Cobalt. That part of the day has a perfect climate.

Well, no lake here in Beverly Hills, but I do have my dog, Julie Goodgirl. And I have my swimming pool. Julie often just jumps in and swims alongside of me, an almost perfect event.

I had lunch today at the Polo Lounge of the Beverly Hills Hotel with a very smart friend whom I will call P. Some of the local gentry are boycotting the hotel. The reason is that the owner of the hotel, whom I believe is the Sultan of Brunei, endorses Sharia Law. That kind of law is extremely tough on women and gays. So Hollywood people are boycotting the hotel.

The problem here is that the owner is one of the richest men on the planet. The Beverly Hills Hotel is a speck of sand on the beach of his oil wealth. If Joe Schmekel from Titanic Giganto Productions boycotts the hotel, it doesn’t mean the Sultan goes hungry. It means that the valet parkers, the waiters at the Polo Lounge, the dishwashers, the chambermaids, have smaller shifts or face the loss of their jobs altogether.

That is, the multi-millionaires who are boycotting the hotel are just hurting the working man or woman while not touching the Sultan.

That isn’t right and also I like the Polo Lounge. I have had a few problems there but by and large it’s heavenly. So, when I feel like it, I go there.

P. and I had a lively talk about Israel and the Palestinian terror group, Hamas. It was set off by the sad and slimy way the BBC Radio News is covering the conflict between Hamas and Israel. Invariably, the Beeb describes the Hamas as “so-called terrorists” or “what the Israelis call terrorists.” It then goes into a long song and dance about how many Palestinian civilians have been killed in the war between Israel and Hamas. This is supposed to make us feel angry at Israel and sorry for Hamas. I am sure that for some people, it works.

But the fact is that Israel is being attacked with roughly 100 rockets a day — all fired at civilian targets by Hamas. The rockets come from Mr. Obama’s good friend, Iran. The Israeli Air Force is trying to knock out the rocket launching stations. Their Iron Dome anti-missile system, built with the help of Mr. Obama, for which he deserves sainthood, works well and has saved many lives, but the rocket-launching sites must be hit.

Hamas, knowing the BBC and other vile bodies well, puts the rockets in schools, in hospitals, in mosques, in private homes, adjacent to apartment buildings.

By necessity, when trying to knock them out, the IDF hits some civilians. The fault is not Israel’s. The fault is with Hamas, which is using civilians as human shields. If Hamas did not want civilians killed, it could launch the rockets from orchards or farm fields.

But of course, Hamas does want civilians killed so the BBC and other Jew haters can find fault with Israel. The whole purpose of the grisly exercise is to turn the idiot wind of public opinion among the anti-Semites against Israel.

What a difference, by the way, between the way Israel fights a war and the way the terrorists do. When Israel is going to blow up a civilian home, it calls up and tells the people there to leave. Hamas gives no warnings — of course.

And speaking of which, imagine if terrorists in Wales started shooting rockets at London by the thousands. The British government would strike back hard, and would probably not call the Welsh to tell them when bombs were about to fall. What if the cartels in Baja started rocketing San Diego? Even Obama would hit back hard. Bush would have flattened the whole area.

But Israel exercises incredible restraint — mixed with apprehension about the toughened, fanatical Hamas they will have to face if they cross into Gaza again. So, sadly, some civilians die but many are spared.

Now, while we watch the BBC with its usual sanctimony mocking the Jews, let’s think about the Brits in World War II. Night after night, the Lancasters were loaded with high explosives and incendiaries to burn every German city they could burn, to kill as many civilians as possible — yes, explicitly to kill civilians, even once the war was decisively won. I am not going to go on about this because we love the Brits and Churchill , but the British terror bombing — aided by us Americans — killed roughly 500,000 German civilians.

There was no restraint at all by the Royal Air Force Bomber Command. The Americans did daylight precision bombing — or tried to. The Brits just killed as many people as they could.

What incredible hypocrites the British Broadcasting Company are now that it’s the Jews trying to defend themselves, to smear the Israelis with the blood of civilians unequivocally killed by Hamas.

That is the conversation P. and I had at lunch.

The day before, my friend Robert had started to say that at some point “the world” would realize that some of the Palestinians were terrorists who would rather die than live in peace and then “the world” would correct the situation.

I exploded.

“There is no ‘the world’ out there waiting to dispense righteous justice,” I told Robert. “‘The world’ is a bunch of UN bureaucrats at a cocktail party thinking that the Jews had it coming. ‘The world’ is a bunch of Jew-haters in Paris also saying it’s always the Jews’ fault. ‘The world’ is the Politburo of China thinking of new weapons to sell Iran. ‘The world’ is some African kleptocrats way too busy killing, raping, and stealing to think about moral justice. ‘The world’ is a beast, to paraphrase the Iron Duke. ‘The world’ will never in a million years move a muscle to help the Jews. There is only one force in the universe that exists to help Israel, and that is the Evangelical Christians of this country. They are the only moral force on earth.”

Robert didn’t reply.

“And there was only one American President unequivocally committed to saving Israel. Richard Nixon, a genuine saint. An actual saint.”

Well, on to other subjects. We love L.A. We love North Idaho. We love our granddaughter and we are about to see her and take her to Idaho. Far, far, from Gaza City.

Out on Sunset Strip tonight, hundreds of pretty girls in short skirts waited in line under a full moon to get into clubs. I wonder how many of them have even heard of Hamas or Beersheba or Eilat. There’s your world, Robert. Let me know when they start to help Israel. Let me know when they care more about innocent life than about their nail polish.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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