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The Early Going in the Debate

A few thoughts, after the first commercial break: Herman Cain had the best introduction, even though Ron Paul proclaimed himself the “champion of liberty.” Cain also had the strongest first answer, using the metaphor of a engineless train to describe the Obama economy. From then on, thought, Cain hasn’t had much of a chance to address substantive issues thanks to John King’s questioning.

At the first opportunity, Bachmann announced that she had filed papers to run for the presidency and that she would soon be “formally announcing” her candidacy, thereby co-opting, perhaps, tomorrow’s headlines. The others applauded her statement.

Pawlenty didn’t back up his “ObamneyCare” slam of Romney’s Massachusetts health care reform bill, choosing instead to finesse his statements. Romney, on the other hand, offered a pretty good 30-second distinction between his bill and Obama’s.

Paul, I think, managed to work criticism of the Fed into every one of his answers.

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