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The Day Ahead: Wednesday, June 1

President Obama will meet with House Republicans at 10 a.m. in the White House following the failure to raise the debt ceiling (Politico)

John Boehner sends him a letter with 150 economist signatories saying that the debt limit shouldn’t be raised without spending cuts (New York Times)

Jon Huntsman pens op-ed: “Our Current Time for Choosing” (Wall Street Journal)

Obama names California utility executive John Bryson as Commerce secretary (New York Times)

Obama declares June Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Month (Foxnews)

Rep. Anthony Weiner gives “the Hindenburg of press conferences” on Weinergate: 

On the main site:

Draft Koss for President by Mark Hyman: In serving the United States, David Koss did the proper and honorable thing. How rare is that?

Sarah Has the Liberal Media on a String, by Aaron Goldstein: She’s like catnip to them, doing her thing her way as they go bonkers.

Squaring the Triangle: America, China, and Taiwan, by Doug Bandow: The critical importance of U.S. arms sales to Taipei.

The Democrats’ Big Government Breakout, by Peter Ferrara: Tax and spend is all they know and all they care about, even if the world is ending.

Two Different Worlds: The Public and Private Sectors, by Ron Ross: They’re drifting every further apart.

The Last Square, by Roger Kaplan: This year’s stealth player cruised through the French Open’s oddly named quarter-finals. Can he continue, now that his tactics are apparent to everyone?

Murder, Tulips, and Taxes, by Ralph R. Reiland: Chicago goes the extra mile to prettify its ugly reality.

Life Outside the Meeting Room, by Ben Stein: It included a stop in a high desert town called Calimesa — where it can snow.

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