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The Day Ahead: Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Today on the Main Site:

Joe to Joe by The Prowler: Joe Biden goes missing in the Joe Sestak revelations. Also: Cantor’s McCarthy Site.

Rahm’s Subpeona Dodging White House Strategy? by Jeffrey Lord: Pew study exposes internal “no notes” Clinton legal policy: Obama’s Sestak Defense?

It’s TACAMO Time Again by Jed Babbin: Where are the guys and gals whom the president insists were on deck and on duty from day 1?

A Long Memorial Day by Ben Stein: Topped off by Israel doing what it had to do.

An Incurable Romantic by David Catron: Donald Berwick’s love affair with the NHS may render you incurable.

Rededicating New York’s ‘God Box’ by Mark Tooley: Fifty years ago America had no problem celebrating its civic faith.

Obama Plays the Credit Card by Jay D. Homnick: If every second sentence is “Bush stinks” then inevitably the first sentence must be “I am great.”  

What to Watch for:

U.S. Military formally withdraws from Green Zone, Baghdad (NY Times); Haiti (WSJ)

Chinese Premier meets Japanese President and Emperor, discusses N. Korea (Xinhua)

U.N. Agency says Iran has over 2 tons of enriched uranium; formal statement by White House expected (Fox News)

Meeting with Netanyahu cancelled, Obama set to meet President Garcia of Peru (Chicago Sun-Times)

AG Holder begins criminal investigations into BP (Politico)   

Poll of the Day:

Gallup: Both party’s favorable ratings near record lows 

PRINCETON, NJ — Americans’ favorable ratings of the Democratic and Republican parties are near record lows for each. The current 36% favorable score for the Republican Party is five percentage points above the low established in December 1998 as the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach President Clinton. The Democratic Party’s 43% is two points higher than its record low measured in March.

…After showing improvement in recent months, Republican Party favorable ratings are down again. The current 36% rating represents a significant decline from the 42% measured in late March, and is nearly back to the 34% readings from late 2008 and early 2009.
Favorable ratings of the Democratic Party are down from last year, but after a sharp 10-point drop in late March to a record-low 41% — perhaps in response to the passage of health care reform— its rating appears to have stabilized now at a still low 43%.
The current poll marks the second successive sub-50% rating for the Democrats after the party had been consistently above that mark since July 2006.With the decline in Republican favorable ratings and stabilization of Democratic ratings, the net result is that the Democratic Party once again has an advantage over the Republican Party on this measure, 43% to 36%, after the parties were essentially tied in late March. 
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