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The Day Ahead: Tuesday, July 5

President Obama will receive an Oval Office briefing from new defense secretary Leon Panetta for the first time (Politico)

Mitt Romney crushing rest of GOP field in fundraising (Washington Times)

More Dems came out in favor of a payroll tax cut over the weekend (The Hill)

Rand Paul pledges to join Ron Johnson in filibustering everything until the Senate addresses the debt ceiling (C-Span)

Marcus Bachmann:

On the main site:

Letting Obama Be Obama by Paul Kengor: An in so doing the indispensable Valerie Jarrett insists on being allowed to be Valerie Jarrett, unvetted, unknown, unaccountable. Our July/August issue cover story.

Bob Gates’ Legacy, by Jed Babbin: The bipartisan defense secretary left the military weaker and less equipped to defend America.

Border Loopholes, by W. James Antle, III: The Obama administration is selectively enforcing immigration laws, just like the memos said.

Time Magazine’s Orwellian Constitution Story Refuted, by Ken Blackwell & Ken Klukowski: The Founding document has never been more relevant.

A National Virus, by Patrick Howle: Government-mandated sick pay is contagious and, thanks to left-wing special interests, may soon spread to a city near you.

Thanks for the Memories, by Larry Thornberry: The ghost of baseball past.

Target Pakistan for Religious Persecution, by Doug Bandow: Pakistanis aren’t the only ones threatened by Islamabad’s refusal to uphold religious liberties.

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